With a treaty in place with the U.S government not to hunt humans, the zombies of Zombie Town have recently discovered they can sustain themselves by eating pumpkins.  However, pumpkins aren't quite satisfying their appetite for living human flesh.  Suppressing their cravings has led to increasing irritability among the zombie population.  With frustrations escalating in Zombie Town, Ashes knows that s/he has to pump up the morale of the citizens.  Leery of an impending civil unrest, s/he has scheduled the Undead Festival which will be a massive town-wide celebration with delicious pumpkin-inspired food, rockin’ music and fun zombie games.  As a zombie, it is mandatory you attend.  This is where your story begins…







Emperor OF Zombie Town
Ashes leads the newly formed Zombie Town as the brave and uncompromising dictator. Ashes claimed the title of ‘Emperor’ during the takeover as s/he’s obviously got some deep-seeded ego issues. In Zombie Town - what Ashes rules will stand or heads will roll…literally! Ashes was a former Hollywood movie star before s/he became infected with the H5N1 zombie virus and will get what s/he wants or throw angry tirade until s/he’s satisfied. S/he’s definitely not a zombie to toy with if you know what is good for you.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Regal yet tattered clothing. Zombie makeup: scars/skeleton showing and heavy white / black makeup on the face. Optional to have a scepter and an emperor’s robe / crown.

Zombie Town Chief of Police
Coppa is Ashes the Emperor’s right hand zombie. As the Chief of Police, it’s Coppa’s responsibility to make sure the town runs smoothly and that the zombie citizens conduct themselves in a fair manner – even with the growing frustrations of the rising hunger for living human flesh. Coppa’s definitely not a crowd favorite as s/he has wretched manners and is outright rude all of the time!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered clothing. Zombie makeup. A messy wig with a police hat and toy gun /baton as optional props.

Zombie Town Real Estate Agent
Keejack assumed the role of the official Zombie Town Real Estate Agent the day the zombies took over Sunnyville. With no official financial system in Zombie Town, Keejack’s role is to solve all disagreements involving property acquisitions. A prior defense attorney, Keejack’s a nightmare to work with as you are forced to deal with his/her incessant trash-talking. Keejack is also bluntly honest so if you don’t want to hear the truth…avoid this undead fiend at all costs!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered clothing. Zombie makeup. A messy wig as an optional prop. Optional to have an assortment of keys to properties around town as a prop.

Zombie Town Repair Shop Owner
Darebait certainly hasn’t made a lot of friends in Zombie Town over the last three weeks since the takeover of Sunnyville. Darebait is known for being extremely uptight, inflexible and impersonal. Darebait runs the Zombie Repair Shop where zombies go to have their body parts sewn back on. Darebait seems like a real ‘zombitarian’ but Darebait’s known to use his/her connections on the streets of Zombie Town to cause havoc with anyone that crosses him/her.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered clothing. Zombie makeup. Optional to wear work style coveralls / overalls or a lab coat. Make ‘spare parts’ by stuffing panty hose and keep them with you as optional props.

Zombie Town Chef
Egorian is the spunky former college student from Sunnyville University who assumed the role of the town chef in Zombie Town. Egorian is a great chef and makes zombie-worthy dishes for the citizens out of the living humans who wander into Zombie Town. Egorian is aggravating to be around as s/he constantly mocks everybody and is known for being greedy and overzealous. Avoid any situations where Egorian could take advantage of you or you are sure to lose!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered clothing. Zombie makeup. A messy wig as an optional prop. Optional to wear a chef’s hat/coat and carry a toy chef’s knife and spatula.

Zombie Town Comedian
Fun-Fun was a bored 5th grade history teacher when s/he was among the living, but once s/he became a member of the undead, Fun-Fun switched careers to his/her lifelong dream job of being a standup comic! But as funny as Fun-Fun is, s/he has an intense fear of germs even though s/he is an undead so getting too close to Fun-Fun is out of the question! S/he definitely keeps his/her distance from the other zombies!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered clothing. Zombie makeup. A messy wig as an optional prop. Optional to bring a rubber chicken and latex gloves/ alcohol gel for your hands.

Zombie Town Bounty Hunter
If you looked up perfectionist in the dictionary, Gogeya’s picture would be next to the description. Gogeya (for ‘gonna get ya’) is the #1 rated bounty hunter in Zombie Town. If a criminal’s on the loose or if a member of the living enters Zombie Town, Gogeya tracks ‘em down by dawn! As everything must be in perfect order at all times in Gogeya’s world, s/he constantly checks his/her appearance in any reflective surface s/he can find!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered bounty hunter style clothing. Zombie makeup. A messy bleached-blonde ‘mullet’ wig as an optional prop. Optional handheld mirror as a prop.

Zombie Town Joke Shop Owner
Don’t trust the fun-loving party animal and prankster zombie that answers to the name of Harg! But this zombie joke shop owner is definitely one to hang out with at any party! Harg has tricks hidden in every sleeve and surprises around every corner so you better watch your back around this mischievous fun-provoker!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tacky, tattered clothing. Zombie makeup. A messy wig as an optional prop. Optional to bring a post it note pad and pen and any other practical jokes.

Zombie Town Prisoner
Ice, a former high school principal in Sunnyville, was imprisoned for hiding and protecting a cluster of the living in his/her attic not too long after Sunnyville was taken over by the zombies. Ice is serving a prison sentence for an undetermined amount of time for being sympathetic to the living but was given a pass out of jail for the night to attend the Undead Festival. But beware if you don’t appreciate the art of close-talking as this zombie stands uncomfortably close to you when s/he speaks.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered clothing. Zombie makeup. A messy wig as an optional prop. A prisoner uniform as an optional prop.

Zombie Town Street Performer
Originally hailing from France, Jacque Zombie hit the Hollywood big screen as a child. By the time s/he was fifteen, Jacque left the Hollywood lifestyle for small town living in Sunnyville. Jacque Zombie currently earns his/her keep as a street performer in Zombie Town. But don’t go to this undead for a cheer up if you had a bad night as s/he has a knack for spreading depression and pointing out the negative in everything.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattering clothing. Zombie makeup. A messy wig as an optional prop. A fake acoustic guitar (or other street performing item) as an optional prop.

Zombie Town Television Reporter
Storie is the tenacious Zombie Town Television Reporter for ZTTV. If there’s a story in Zombie Town to tell, s/he’s right on top of it. Personally, Storie is an insatiable neighborhood gossip so don’t tell him/her any secrets if you don’t want them to be blasted out on every street corner of Zombie Town by the next dawn.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered clothing. Zombie makeup. A messy wig as an optional prop. A fake microphone that has a logo ZTTV on it as an optional prop.

Zombie Town Military Commander
Pow has recently been deemed the Zombie Town Military Commander. With the long-term future of Zombie Town uncertain, Ashes thought it was best to organize a military operation. Pow is full of random bursts of energy and will break into song at arbitrary times. Pow is typically seen with multiple members of the Zombie Town Military as they are constantly undergoing field training.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered clothing. Zombie makeup. A messy wig as an optional prop. Any type of military props (i.e. hats, toy guns, medals, etc.) are optional.

Zombie Town Pumpkin Patch Guard
Details, details, details! If you’re speaking to Squash, you better get ready to hear a plethora of intricate fine points and facts! This is one over-explaining guard of the Zombie Town pumpkin patch. Just clear your calendar for a bit if you need to speak to Squash!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered clothing. Zombie makeup. A messy wig as an optional prop. Optional to bring small pumpkins as optional props.

Cemetery Guard
Grave is the ultra-mysterious cemetery guard in Sunnyville Memorial Cemetery. It’s rumored that the H5N1 zombie virus is able to resurrect the dead. However, the effects of a resurrection are unknown so Ashes has forbidden anyone to revive a dead person by infecting the corpse with the zombie virus. Nobody knows anything about Grave’s past and this makes a few of the zombies uneasy.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered clothing. Zombie makeup. A messy wig as an optional prop.

Zombie Town Rock Stars
The Departed is the #1 rock group in Zombie Town and is scheduled to be the headlining act at the Undead Festival. Numb fronts the band and doubles as an unforeseen romantic poet performing at every sundown at the local poetry club – that is, when s/he is not rocking the microphone with The Departed! Armed with perfect manners and an adoring personality, this is one sincere zombie!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered clothing. Zombie makeup. A messy wig as an optional prop. Optional to have fake microphone and fake instruments for the band members playing with Numb.

Zombie Town Scientist
Professor Kapsid, a former professor at Sunnyville University, is known for his/her arrogance and skills of over-exaggeration. Professor Kapsid might still win you over with some undead Australian charm - but don’t be fooled; Professor Kapsid cares about one thing and one thing only…Professor Kapsid. You better let this crazy doc have the final say or you might not like what happens!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Mad Scientist costume – crazy wig, glasses, lab coat, zombie makeup. Beakers, test tubes as optional props.

More back story to your Mystery Party Game: 

Three weeks ago, the cheery town of Sunnyville was hit with a devastating plague that turned the living into horrifying undead zombies.  The H5N1 zombie virus spread and the zombie population dominated the living within Sunnyville. The zombies staged a revolt and took over the government.  The Center for Disease Control quarantined the town, and the feds threatened to eradicate the zombies to prevent spreading of this viral nightmare.  Nonetheless, the citizens of the newly-formed Zombie Town weren't the stereotypical aggressive monsters portrayed in movies, television and comic books.  The citizens were simply dead and decomposing but the same as before - upstanding citizens!  There was one gruesome exception: the virus gave them an intense craving for living human flesh! 

A mandatory vaccine against the H5N1 zombie virus was given to the human population outside of Zombie Town, and the epidemic ended. Soon after, human rights activists caught wind of the situation in the former Sunnyville (aka: Zombie Town) and formed the Save a Zombie Alliance.  Millions banded together and persuaded the government to sign an unprecedented peace treaty with the zombies.  Ashes, the self-acclaimed Emperor of Zombie Town, negotiated the truce with the President of the United States.  The major clause in the treaty was that zombies would not cross the borders of Zombie Town unless on a sanctioned journey, and they would never hunt living humans for food outside of their borders.  With mandatory warning signs posted for miles surrounding Zombie Town’s borders, there was an addendum in favor of the zombies that if a living human ended up inside the borders the town, hunting and capture was allowed.  

Ashes set forth the laws of Zombie Town, and the treaty was to be signed by both Ashes and the President of the United States within 24 hours.  The citizens were happy to be at peace with the feds. 

The zombies had discovered they could sustain themselves by eating pumpkins, but pumpkins didn’t quite satisfy their appetite for living human flesh.  Suppressing their cravings led to increasing irritability. With frustrations escalating in Zombie Town, Ashes had to pump up the morale of the citizens.  Leary of civil unrest, the Undead Festival was created. The celebration would be town wide with delicious pumpkin-inspired food, rockin’ music, and fun zombie games.  This is where the story begins…