It is time for the weekly 1300th Witch's Coven gathering where witches from all around prepare witch's brews, practice new spells and gossip about warlocks!  Sometimes the witches can arrive in 'rare form' and upset the chemistry of the group, but nonetheless, this is a very important event to attend if you are important in the magical community!  You are going to attend, as always, and have your hat, robes and broom ready to go.  This is where your story begins...




Powers of Fire
The spicy Onyx Blazen is a very powerful witch with severe anger management problems. This is sometimes a scary combination…especially considering her specialty is the powers of fire! Onyx is a strong leader of the Coven and is very well-respected in the magical community.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Witch costume with flame decorations on the cape. Optional wand with fake flames at the tip.

Powers of Ice
Crystal Wynter is the emotionless witch with a specialty of the powers of ice. When Crystal speaks…it is callous and lacks a shred of emotion. She’s never laughed at a joke or so much as cracked a smile at a song. And, this witch doesn’t get along too fabulously with many people - especially Onyx Blazen.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Light blue cape, light blue crown and wand.

Lady Draconus is certainly the one to count on to lighten up a Coven gathering. Her magical specialty is that she is a summoner of animals…chiefly dragons! Lady Draconus loves to dance and have a great time and is a dear and loyal friend to all of the witches in the Coven. However, she’s known to be a ruthless shopper…so stay out of her way during clearance sales!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Witch costume with a stuffed dragon as an optional prop.

Powers of Poison
Powers of poison are Raven Brew’s forte. She owns the internationally acclaimed store, Alchemy Attic, and peddles her wares to all of the potion makers in the magical world. She’s the neighborhood gossip with quite the irritating, whiny high-pitched voice. Raven also loves to read the fortunes of the other witches in the Coven…and whether they are true fortunes or not…only the future will tell.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Witches costume with a cauldron as an optional prop.

Powers of Disguise & Invisibility
If you’re looking for an elusive, mysterious and unpredictable witch…you might find Persephone Zander! This magical diva prefers to sing instead of talk! Known to be magically weaker than her fire-casting sister Onyx, Persephone has the magical specialty of disguise and invisibility. It is difficult to tell who and where Persephone really is!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Witch costume with an eye mask as an optional prop.

Powers of Magnetism
Luna Crow, with powers of magnetism, is the friendliest witch in the Coven. She is ultra-loving and a total blast to be around. She is known to make up rap songs about the situations around her and perform them for the group.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Witch costume with large fake magnets attached to the cape as optional props.

Powers of Wind
Serena Willow couldn’t tell a lie to save her life! This is one abrasive witch that tells it how it is! You should hope that she doesn’t find anything negative about you…or you will be hearing about it along with everyone else! Serena specializes in the powers of wind…so anger her and you might have to run from your own personal tornado!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Colorful hair and witch costume. Broom as an optional prop.

Powers of Transfiguration
Belladona Balder is the flakiest and most emotional witch in the Coven. Some say it’s because her specialty is transfiguration which means that she can morph into any type of animal she desires. But along with those powers come bizarre & uncontrollable animal mannerisms! Belladona loves to tell jokes…and they are typically about animals!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Witch costume with random animal headbands to switch out - as optional props.

Powers of Foresight
Do it once and check it five times’ is Futura Teller’s motto! This obsessive and compulsive witch is the one to be around at a party as she gets the dance floor moving with her interpretive dance moves! That is, unless your name is Raven Brew. Futura and Raven Brew are known to be long-time arch enemies!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Witch costume a crystal ball as an optional prop.

Powers of Electricity
The over-inquisitive Electra Storm is the most notorious witch in the Coven. This wicked witch will keep you entertained with her over-the-top sense of humor and snort-filled laughter but don’t let that fool you as she is a genius and her intellect can be quite dangerous. Double crossing Electra Storm is definitely not advised.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Witch costume with lightening decorations on the cape. Optional wand with fake lightening at the tip.

Powers of Water
Sue Nomi is the typical flamboyant witch from New Orleans that’s famous in the magical world for her gourmet cooking! Known to be an excellent dinner party host to her dearest friends, this fiery-haired witch is gifted with the powers of water. Sue is definitely one of the most loyal and charismatic witches in the Coven.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Witch costume with water decorations on the cape. Optional wand with fake water (a blue-dyed cotton ball - stretched out) at the tip.

Powers of Telekinesis
Brae Reeder is the gorgeous and ultra-feminine witch with telekinetic powers. This blond-bombshell is a Physics of Magic Professor at the Hogsbrew University for the Magically Gifted. This is one witch that is entirely too analytical to ever let anything go…grudge is her middle name.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Pink witch costume with pink boa on the cape. Long, platinum-blonde wig. Optional pink wand with feathers on it.

Powers of the Moon
Endora Lunar is known for being one of the most positive influences in the Coven. She loves to dance and have a great time and is a true friend to all of the witches. Everyone knows that Endora always is ready to listen and give some sound advice on any situation!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: White / good witch costume. Fairy wings as optional props.

Powers of Snow
Genevieve is a cold-hearted witch and like Crystal Wynter, she lacks any scrap of emotion. No one in the Coven has seen Genevieve ever crack a smile much less laugh or have fun. There must be a big trade off to be strong at the powers of ice and snow…and the trade off must be a personality for power!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A witch costume decorated with snowflakes. A witch’s wand with snowflakes at the tip.

Powers of Healing
Ecoli Cural is the dependable witch with the powers of healing. This magical healer can cure anything with a flick of her wand…that is anything besides death!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A witch costume decorated with medical /first aid supplies. A wand decorated with Band-Aids as an optional prop.

Powers of the Sun
If you’re looking for a mystifying and peculiar witch…you might come across Sol Cauldroth. Sol is known to be quite devious and loves to pull pranks on the other witches in the Coven…but in the end, she’s a true friend and has one of the sunniest dispositions in the group!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A witch costume decorated with suns. A wand with the sun at the tip as an optional prop.

Powers of Nature
The quirky Tivona is ultra-entertaining and a total blast to be around. However, she has a strange aversion to the word ‘it’ and has a mini conniption fit each time she hears ‘it’ and her speech changes into a different foreign accent! Oops!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A witch costume decorated with dried leaves and fake insects. A wand decorated with leaves as an optional prop.

Summoner of Insects
The ultra-energetic Vana Lepidoptera is one witch who will speak her mind no matter what is going on around her. Vana holds nothing back and she is brutally honest…even if the truth hurts! And, the other witches often comment about where she must get her endless amounts of energy!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A witch costume decorated with fake insects. A witch wand decorated with fake insects as an optional prop.

Powers of Strength
If you ever need furniture moved or a jar lid opened, just ask Wilhelmina as she is one of the strongest witches in the world! However, along with strength comes a great responsibility and she is a very trustworthy friend to most witches in the Coven.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A witch costume decorated with fake barbells. A broom decorated with barbells as an optional prop.

Powers of Nightmares
Everyone does their best to stay on Xandria Oberon’s good side. That is, if they know what is good for them! This witch has the ultra-creepy powers of nightmare magic. She can cast her foes to enter a horrible nightmare…even if they are still awake!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: An all black witch costume with black lipstick, black nail polish and a black wand as an optional prop.

Powers of Illusion
Zarina Rattuswolf has been known to use her powers of illusion while in the non-magical world just to play mean tricks on the snurbs (non-magical humans). Zarina is the wildest and most irresponsible witch in the Coven and needs to be counseled by her elders about appropriate witch behavior…quite often.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A witch costume with a wand with a large rhinestone at the tip as an optional prop.

Powers of Earth
Cora Mantelcrust is one of the friendliest witches in the Coven. She is ultra-loving and a total blast to be around. She is known to make up poems about the situations around her and she loves to perform them in front of the Coven. Too bad she lacks a shred of talent when it comes to performing!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Witch costume with earth decorations on the cape. Optional wand with a fake Earth at the tip.

Powers of Shadows
The frugal and over-inquisitive Darla Dark is the most notorious dark witch in the Coven. Known to be quite intellectual, this wicked witch will keep you entertained with her comedic personality and contagious laughter.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: All black witch costume. Black-themed makeup and nail polish.

Powers of Shape Shifting
Nokomis Evadne is the elusive witch with the powers of shape shifting. She is able to transform into inanimate objects at will. This makes some witches in the Coven a tad nervous as they never know if Nokomis has ever truly left the room.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A witch costume with a wand as an optional prop.