Ebbie Smooge, C.E.O. of Widgets, Inc., is a miserly old soul who lacks a shred of human compassion and treats the employees of Widgets, Inc. very, very poorly. Against Ebbie's wishes, an annual corporate party was scheduled by his most trusted and loyal assistant, Pat Head, in response to an employee petition and threat of a 'walk out!' So, the employees of Widgets, Inc., including you, are excited to attend the first ever Annual Corporate Party!  You've received your invitation from Pat Head for this unprecedented event and this is where your story begins...





Ebbie Smooge
Chief Executive Officer
Ebbie Smooge is the miserly Chief Executive Officer of Widgets, Inc. Ebbie despises anything that he feels wastes time and money. If you looked up the word ‘Miser’ in the dictionary, Ebbie’s picture would be right next to it.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Black suit, black top hat and cane.

Penny Pinché
Chief Financial Officer
Penny Pinché is the frugal Chief Financial Officer for Widgets, Inc. Penny is not known to have a huge sense of humor or patience so if she says to do something…she means to do it now!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi-formal evening attire.

O. Prate
Chief of Operations
O. Prate is the fun-loving Chief of Operations for Widgets, Inc. S/he is the one and only high level executive that you can go to for a good laugh.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi-formal evening attire. Post it note pad and a pen as optional props.

Pat Head
Executive Assistant to Mr. Smooge
Pat Head is Mr. Ebbie Smooge’s slightly neurotic executive assistant at Widgets, Inc. Held tightly by Ebbie’s puppet strings, this dedicated minion does exactly what s/he’s instructed to do…even if s/he doesn’t agree with it.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi-formal evening attire. A pen and notepad as an optional prop.

Tydel S. Evan
Vice President of Human Resources
Tydel S. Evan is the overly-friendly Vice President of Human Resources at Widgets, Inc. Tydel has never faced a problem that s/he couldn’t fix! Tydel is lovingly nicknamed Sas by the department which is an acronym for sunshine and solutions.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi-formal evening attire.

Ada Broshur
Vice President of Marketing & Advertising
Ada Broshur is the former Miss America and Vice President of Marketing and Advertising. This Beauty Queen certainly knows how to run an effective ad campaign as she is the best public speaker in the entire corporation.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Extra-glamorous evening attire.

Dr. Alberta Newton
Vice President of Research & Development
Research & Development would be in utter shambles without the direction of Alberta Newton. A definite genius, this scientist runs a tight ship and creates new & improved widgets faster than you can say widget!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi-formal evening attire. Any scientific props (i.e. lab coat, gloves, beakers, calipers, etc.) are optional.

Follo N. Soxx
Vice President of Internal Audit & Compliance
Follo N. Soxx certainly hasn’t made a lot of friends at Widgets, Inc. over the years. A cringe is the norm when one sees the department of Internal Audit’s name on their caller I.D. Follo and his crew are known for being extremely uptight, inflexible and impersonal.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi-formal evening attire.

Boxen Shiposte
Vice President of Shipping
Boxen Shiposte is the prim and proper Vice President of Shipping at Widgets, Inc. You could sum up this charming gent with the words ‘flawless etiquette.’
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi-formal evening attire. A tuxedo as an alternative costume.

Ergot Nomics
Vice President of Environmental Health & Safety
Ergot Nomics is the quirky Vice President of Environmental Health & Safety at Widgets, Inc. You never know what you’ll get when you’re around Ergot as s/he is known to be quite unpredictable.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi-formal evening attire.

Mack N. Pradax
Vice President of Production
Mack N. Pradax is the wild & crazy Vice President of Production at Widgets, Inc. His employees often laugh about the outlandish stunts he pulls in the warehouse and bizarre is Mack’s middle name!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi-formal evening attire. Wild and crazy tie, belt and socks.

Dr. Angio
Vice President of Widget Health Center
Paging….Dr. Angio! Paging….Dr. Angio! Ebbie Smooge is on his way to the Health Center! Dr. Angio is the ultra-charismatic physician who was brought to Widgets, Inc. on a full time basis to monitor Ebbie’s heart condition.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi-formal evening attire or a white physician’s coat as an alternative costume. A stethoscope as an optional prop.

Chef Ramsee
Vice President of Widget Food Court
The Widget Food Court used to be home to a dozen fast food counters but today, the bold and brazen Chef Ramsee has transformed the food court into a delectable culinary wonderland!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi-formal evening attire or a chef’s uniform as an alternative costume.

Ned Reparse
Vice President of Building Maintenance
Ned Reparse is the mysterious Vice President of Building Maintenance of Widgets, Inc. Ned rarely leaves his/her office and to date, nobody has cracked his/her personal shell…so who knows what this V.P. is all about?
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi-formal evening attire.

Celin Moore
Vice President of Sales
Sales is what make the Widget’s go round is Celin Moore’s motto. This aggressive and outgoing Vice President of Sales is one V.P. that you’d never want to double cross!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi-formal evening attire.

Mony Torres
Vice President of Information Technology
The quiet and reserved yet brainy Mony Torres is the Vice President of Information Technology at Widgets, Inc. If there’s ever an issue with your computer…s/he’s only a 4 digit extension away!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi-formal evening attire. A computer mouse draped over the shoulder as an optional prop.