Lava Gardener is hosting a gala birthday event for her husband Franklin Vinatra who has suffered a recent downward spiral with his Hollywood career. Lava has invited Hollywood's finest in hopes of spiking new interest with Franklin and his career. You're one of the Hollywood elite that has received an invitation to this exclusive event!  You've got your Hollywood '50s Glam attire ready and you're ready to party with Franklin! This is where your story begins...




Brando Marlin
American Film Actor
The self acclaimed bad boy Brando Marlin has come a long way from ditch digging as he is now a successful American film actor. He is known for his public outbursts and love for junk food and he is best friends with Liza Baylor. Brando is one Hollywood personality with way too many enemies.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Men’s ‘50s Double Breasted Swing Suit.

Franklin Vinatra
American Film Actor and Singer
From the early days of the ‘Hoboken Four’ to the glamorous days of being a top recording artist and film star in America, Franklin has run the gamut in Hollywood. He is on top of the world in his relatively new marriage to the love of his life - Lava Gardener – but ironically, his career has recently taken a downward spiral.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Men’s ‘50s Tuxedo suit.

Liza Baylor
American Film Actress
The recently divorced Liza Baylor is a well established Hollywood starlet. Some say that her intense passion for jewels is the underlying cause of her callous personality and others attribute it to her growing up as a spoiled Hollywood child star. Liza’s only true friend in Hollywood is Brando Marlin.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous ‘50s attire. Hair styled short and pin curled. Large costume jewelry as optional props.

James Bean
Struggling Hollywood Actor
James Bean was enrolled in the UCLA Drama program but dropped out of school to come to Hollywood to become a parking lot attendant at CBC studios. James has had a small role in a few films, but he is anxiously awaiting his turn at the big time. He is known to be quite rebellious and is yet another upcoming Hollywood bad boy.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: White rolled up t-shirt and rolled up blue jeans. Cowboy hat as an optional prop. Hair styled in a ducktail. OR Men’s ‘50s Tuxedo Suit.

Lava Gardener
American Film Actress
Lava Gardener is one of the most successful Hollywood actresses and is the loving wife of Franklin Vinatra. She is the best friend of the struggling actress Norma Mortison, aka ‘Tarilyn Tonroe’ who shares her love for bull fighting.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous ‘50s attire. Hair curled with pin curls and ‘50s styled.

Gene Martin
American film actor, Singer and Comedian
Once known as the boxer ‘kid crochet,’ Gene Martin is now the better half of the hit comedy duo – ‘Louis & Marten.’ Gene has seen better days as rumor has it that a Chicago Mafioso has a hit out on him for not showing enough gratitude nowadays for their help in the early days of his career.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Men’s ‘50s Tuxedo Suit. Unlit cigarette and a double old fashioned glass of liquor (real or fake) as a prop.

Norma Mortison
Aspiring Actress and Cocktail Waitress
From the orphanages of Los Angeles to Hollywood film studios, Norma Mortison is one of the hardest
working actresses there is! She is currently waiting tables at the local deli as well as taking any side
jobs she can get in between her small acting roles on the big screen. This is one upcoming movie
starlet who will do anything for a starring role!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A white glamorous dress with a Marilyn Monroe hairstyle (or wig). A big fake diamond necklace as a required prop.

Grant Cary
Accomplished English-American Film Actor
Originally hailing from the UK, Grant Cary is an ex stilt walker and acrobat who turned ‘Hollywood’ many years ago. He is married to Betty Break but has some questionable relationships with other Hollywood personalities.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Men’s ‘50s Tuxedo Suit.

Kelly Grace
Upcoming American Film Actress
The elegant Kelly Grace is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and a star of the Hollywood movies Twelve Hours and Almost High Noon. This upcoming starlet is rumored to be dating the Shah of Iran who sends her expensive jewels on a daily basis.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous ‘50s attire. Hair curled with pin curls and ‘50s styled.

Angel Pier
International Italian Film Actress
The Italian film star Angel Pier just had her first film debut a few years ago. She is a forthcoming Hollywood starlet and is in love with James Bean who she refers to as her “Jimmy.” However, her parents
don’t share in her admiration for James and this often leads her into emotional instability.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous ‘50s attire. Hair curled with pin curls and ‘50s styled.

Molly Vinatra
Mother of Franklin Vinatra
The born Italian Molly Vinatra is a nurturing midwife and Democratic ward boss from Hoboken New Jersey. She is a loving and devoted mother to Franklin Vinatra and despises anyone who might be a bad influence to her little ‘Frankie.’
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous ‘50s attire. Hair in an elegant French pleat Glasses as an optional prop.

Lauren Sophia
Italian – American Film Actress
Lauren Sophia has been referred to as the Italian Tarilyn Tonroe on occasion. However, her International
fame far exceeds the struggling Tarilyn’s and this comment tends to anger her. It is rumored that Lauren
asked Grant Cary for help to overcome her stage fright and judging how these two act around each other
nowadays, the stage fright lessons might have led to something romantic?
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous ‘50s attire. Hair short, curled with pin curls and ‘50s styled.

Lauri Caball
American Film Actress
Lauri Caball is an alumnus of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and ex-Broadway star. She is the doting wife of Humphrey Bogart who loves to refer to her as his ‘Betty.’
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous ‘50s attire. Hair curled with pin curls and ‘50s styled.

Saul Oldman
Struggling American Film Actor
Often mistaken for Brando Marlin, Saul Oldman is a Hollywood force to be reckoned with. Saul is a college graduate who later studied acting at Yale University. His studies may have paid off as Saul recently heard back from producers on Broadway that he might have landed his first break.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Men’s ‘50s Tuxedo Suit.