Murder at the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Need a Costume? 





The Snowflake Lodge is hosting the annual Ugly Christmas Sweater party again this year.  The townspeople of Snow Falls are excited about the holiday celebration, as the lodge is where the who's who of society flocks to show off their not-so-fashionable holiday attire. 

Sparks have been flying between some of the guests lately with rumors of blackmail, greed, and revenge - but we all have high hopes that the holiday spirit will be enough to quench their scandals at least long enough for everybody to have a good time at the party.

You've received your ticket to the party and's time to hunt for the tackiest holiday sweater that you can find.  This is where your story begins.


Town Gossip

Isabella Rudolph is the zany homemaker and neighborhood watch coordinator.  Isabella recently moved to the tiny town of Snow Falls and in no time, she was labeled as the town gossip.  Everybody is afraid to be around Isabella as she is not known to keep secrets.  Isabella comes from old money and dedicates her time to charities and party planning.

Tacky holiday sweater and as many tacky holiday accessories (i.e. crazy Santa hat, elf ears, etc.) as you can find.




Roxy Rich is the ultra-feminine heiress.  Her iconic family owns most of the real estate in Snow Falls. Roxy is an infamous drama queen, so have tissues in hand for this emotional diva!  Choose your words carefully around her if you don’t want to make her cry - or worse – throw a tantrum!  Roxy gets what she wants and is always seen with her personal assistant, Parker Mistletoe.

Tacky holiday sweater.  However, you will remove the sweater moments after your arrival and unveil a fabulous holiday dress.


 Choir Director


Alexis Harmony is the clueless director of the Snow Falls Girls’ Choir. Alexis sings like a sick alley cat, but nobody in town has the heart to let her know about her horrible singing voice.  It’s a good thing that she has many other voices in the choir to hide her abysmal crooning.  That is, until it is time for her dreaded solo performance.

Tacky holiday sweater.  Optional to have music sheets as props.


 Toy Developer 

Tendo Clause is the self-indulgent toy developer.  Tendo loves to talk about one thing and one thing only – Tendo Clause.  A prior high school nerd, Tendo openly admits to anybody who will listen that s/he refuses to grow up.  Tendo is one of the most immature adults that you’ll ever meet, but is one of the best toy developers in the country.

Tacky holiday sweater.  Optional to have examples of toys that you are working on as props.


 High School Principal  

Is it Principal Evergreen or Principal Loony?  Well, the latter is what the kids not so lovingly nicknamed her at Snow Falls High school. Teens beware: rumor has it that not everyone that gets sent to Principal Evergreen’s office makes it back to class.  Eva has a softer side, however, as she is the doting mother of 11-year-old twin girls.

Tacky holiday sweater.   Ruler as an optional prop.


News Reporter

Donnor Couric is always the source of breaking news in Snow Falls and has been known to even break an occasional story as it happens.  Donnor’s an ultra-ambitious investigative reporter for the RBC Television Station and will stop at nothing to get the scoop.  Donnor is always working and is rarely seen without a troupe of colleagues from RBC News.  Unfortunately, rumor has it that some marbles may be loosening in Donnor’s cranium.

Tacky holiday sweater.  Optional to have a pen and pad as props to take notes on things you hear & see – you’re out for a story.


 Personal Assistant to Roxy Rich 

Parker Mistletoe is the disgruntled personal assistant of Roxy Rich.  Parker wears a permanent grimace, as Roxy is not the easiest person to be around.  Roxy is very demanding, overly emotional and doesn’t give Parker the respect that s/he deserves.  Parker is currently seeking employment elsewhere, but curiously hasn’t accepted any of the positions s/he has been offered.

Tacky holiday sweater.   White gloves and black suit underneath your sweater as an alternative.


 Hollywood Icon 

A somewhat late bloomer as compared to other big screen icons, Sam Sugarplum became an overnight sensation with the release of the hit movie Gingerbread Man.  Sam is a quirky trendsetter that can do no wrong in the eyes of fans, but has declared war with members of the media.

Tacky holiday sweater.  Hair (and makeup for a female) should be over-the-top glamorous.



Originally hailing from France, Brad Carols is a major conservative and ultra-quiet personal banker at the largest bank in Snow Falls, Frost Financial.  People tend to spread strange rumors about Brad since nobody truly knows him.  The Snow Falls grapevine recently received information that Brad might be under investigation, but nobody can confirm if this is true.

Tacky holiday sweater.   Optional to have bank statements, bank bags and a calculator as optional props.


 Homicide Detective


Frosty Jack is a famous homicide detective.  Frosty constantly has a reality television crew following him for his new reality show named Snow Falls Cops.  Frosty’s fans love it when he talks in clichés and randomly performs song lyrics while arresting the bad guys!  Frosty is also addicted to karaoke and doesn’t like to share the microphone during Singsong Night at the Snow Falls Lounge.

Tacky holiday sweater.  Toy detective badge and toy gun as optional accessories.



If you looked up narcissism in the dictionary, Greg Jingles’ picture would be plastered by the description.  Greg is the friendly, self-loving neighborhood jeweler with a slight over-exaggeration problem.  Greg’s great grandfather founded the store Jingles’ Jewels and there is great family pride with the business. Greg’s father recently retired and he took the reigns as the managing owner.

Tacky holiday sweater.   Costume jewelry pieces to show the other guests as optional accessories.


Local Actor 

Ebenezer Nightshade is a brilliant actor on stage, but in person, he’s the most timid and reserved person you’ll ever meet!  Ebenezer’s sultry Italian accent wins over the ladies but the theater is Ebenezer’s true love.  During social gatherings, Ebenezer can’t help but break out into random Shakespearean monologues!

Tacky holiday sweater.


 Radio Disc Jockey

Noel Vibes is a hard-working radio disc jockey and a master of deceit.  A compulsive liar even when the truth is better, this fast talking record spinner is also a known cheater at board games.  Noel is also an outright klutz, so give this accident prone radio personality some space.

Tacky holiday sweater.




Walter Wonka is the super-paranoid chocolatier.  Walter is the founder of Wonka Chocolates, a world famous line of candy.  Walter is convinced that someone nefarious is watching his every move but what interest would anybody have in a quirky chocolatier?

Tacky holiday sweater.   Chocolate samples as optional props.


 Petting Zoo Owner

Hailing from Bundenbach Germany, December Porter is the ruthless petting zoo owner of Snow Falls. December’s zoo is known for its unusual pets such as reindeer, camels, turtle doves, penguins, and even a baby polar bear!  December has a slight attitude when things don’t go his/her way, but December knows how to get what s/he wants.

Tacky holiday sweater.  Optional - make reindeer food: Chex Mix, Cheerios, M&Ms, Pretzels – melt white chocolate and pour on the mixture.  Mix thoroughly; cool in a single layer.


 Pastry Chef 

Pat Puffs is a friendly baker that has an intense fear of the government and often rants about conspiracy theories.  Pat’s fellow employees often speculate that s/he wraps foil around windows, television antennae and anything else to prevent the government from spying.  Let’s all hope s/he keeps the foil out of the cupcakes.

Tacky holiday sweater.   Chef’s hat as an optional prop.  You can bring samples of pastries as props.



Gigi Elfman is a seasoned astronaut who sincerely believes that she has the highest IQ in the entire galaxy.  However, you should watch out for this brainy diva, as she’s known to be quite touchy on occasion.

Tacky holiday sweater.  Astronaut uniform / helmet as an alternative with a tacky holiday vest/sweater on top.


Professional Victim

Axi Dente is the ultra-creative professional victim.  At times, this clumsy diva can be a very meticulous and impatient woman.  She earns her way in this world by mysteriously causing accidents and winning lawsuits.  The town of Snow Falls is growing tired of this mishap queen of misfortune.

Tacky holiday sweater.  Decorate yourself with wacky ornaments.  Bandage  your hands, forehead, etc.


 Food Inspector 

Elizabeth Winter is the blatantly honest food inspector. The food vendors of Snow Falls fear her, as she is a no-nonsense culinary detective for the government.  She’s shut down her share of restaurants in town and is quick to hand out costly violations for even the most minor infractions.  Personally, if you want to know the truth about something, head straight for Elizabeth.  Elizabeth is known to be unapologetically truthful.

Tacky holiday sweater.


Massage Therapist

Originally hailing from the UK, Meyer Yule traveled to America to implement his/her dream of owning a luxurious day spa.  Meyer made the dream a reality by opening a spa called Tranquility.  Meyer’s a tad snooty and a bit of a one-upper but this relaxation guru really knows how to make customers feel like royalty!

Tacky holiday sweater.  Optional to create and print fliers with coupons for your spa – Tranquility.