Every Thanksgiving, the Cranberry and Peaknuckle families gather at the home of Morgan and Maximus Cranberry and this Thanksgiving is no different.  Chef Mo Cranberry, a famous molecular gastronomy chef, has innovative plans to prepare Tom Turkey, as the Cranberry’s traditionally call their Thanksgiving bird. The chef promises to use innovative techniques to prepare the delicious Thanksgiving feast and the family members are more than excited to see what Chef Mo can do!

Morgan Cranberry has fun party games planned for the day while Chef Mo does the magic in the kitchen - and of course – everybody will need to catch up with each other, as well. You wouldn’t miss the Cranberry-Peanuckle holiday festivities for the world! You’ve made your travel plans and this is where your story beings…




Morgan Peaknuckle- Cranberry
(aka: Mom) Wife of Maximus and Banker
The beautiful Morgan Peaknuckle-Cranberry is a prim and proper lady, successful banker, and mother of two beautiful children. She has a slightly mysterious quality but is a gracious and welcoming hostess.

Maximus Cranberry
(aka: Dad) Husband of Morgan and Football Coach
Maximus Cranberry is a very handsome and charismatic gentleman and a high-energy high school football coach. He suffers from a condition known as narcolepsy, however, and will fall fast asleep at inopportune times…even during football games he’s coaching!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Warm up suit and a whistle.

Chef Mo Cranberry
(aka: Chef Mo) Sibling of Maximus and Chef
If you looked up perfectionist in the dictionary, Chef Mo Cranberry’s picture would be next to the description. Chef Mo has a problem with thinking his/her delectable culinary creations are never good enough. S/he constantly works on perfecting already tasty delights.

Luminol Peaknuckle
(aka: Aunt/Uncle Lumi) Sibling of Morgan and Crime Lab Director
Luminol Peaknuckle, an infamous Forensic Scientist from New York City, is home for the holidays. Egotistical and opinionated are two words that sum up this celebrity doc.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Lab jacket and tousled hair.

Perry Peaknuckle
(aka: Gramps) Morgan’s Father and Retired USAF Colonel
Known as the strong and silent backbone of the Peaknuckle Troupe, this fun-loving grandpa is the one to go to if you wanted to hear stories of the ‘good ole’ days.’
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual attire that a grandfather would love.

Patricia Peaknuckle
(aka: Granny Pea) Morgan’s Mother and Homemaker
Granny Pea is the quiet and demure grandmother and homemaker. She suffers from bouts of sibling rivalry with her brother, Sherlock Watson and has her entire life. These two siblings only get together on Thanksgiving… wonder what will happen this year?
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any outfit a granny would love.

Beatrice Cranberry
(aka: Auntie Bee) Sister of Maximus and Elementary School Teacher
Auntie Bee is the no-nonsense school teacher. She teaches a strict curriculum in her kindergarten class and doesn’t put up with a shred of nonsense in the classroom or out! But out of the classroom and off the school grounds…this teacher is known to be a tad devious!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Very conservative school teacher attire.

Sherlock Watson
(aka: Uncle Sherlock) Brother of Patricia Peaknuckle and Detective
Sherlock Watson is a tiger at the scene of a crime, but off the scene, he’s a total pushover. He’s shy and reserved but his English accent is more than enough to win everyone over…that is, until he does one of his annoying yet infamous impersonations of a crouching tiger.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Sherlock Holmes’ costume.

Dr. Molly Cranberry
(aka: Grandma Moddie) Mother of Maximus and Retired Physician
Grandma Moddie has led a high-stress life with her non-stop, 24/7 career as a cardiac surgeon. Even though she is now retired, she still keeps a fast pace and is easily incensed if she doesn’t get her way. Grandma Moddie also has a serious addiction…to video games!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any outfit a granny would love.

Kell Cranberry
Child of Morgan Cranberry and Skateboarder
Kell Cranberry is the loving, high-energy child that any parent would be proud to have. With one exception…Kell gets what Kell wants or people pay.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Kid’s casual skateboarding attire.

Trace Cranberry
Child of Morgan Cranberry and All-Around Athlete
Trace Cranberry is the complete opposite of Kell Cranberry. Trace is the calm and relaxed child that only brings the high-energy to the athletic field…or to an argument with Kell.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any kid’s athletic uniform.

Mup Cranberry
(aka: Grandpa Mup) Father of Maximus and Retired Candy Shop Owner
Senility is Grandpa Mup’s middle name! Mup is a retired candy maker who loves to pull practical jokes! This Grandpa can’t be told what to do and some say he’s not senile at all…he just likes to do what he wants!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual attire that a grandfather would love.

Dr. Isaac Albert
(aka: Dr. Isaac) Food Scientist and Neighbor of the Cranberry Family
Dr. Isaac Albert is an outstanding member of the high IQ society – Mensa International. He is the leading researcher in the field of food science. His life’s work is the creation of a small dehydrated food capsule that turns into an instant delicious meal when only 3 drops of water are added.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual attire and an Albert Einstein wig.

Yetan Cranberry
Child of Beatrice Cranberry and Chess Champion
Yetan Cranberry is the National Chess Champion with a highly mischievous side. Yetan has learned everything s/he knows about practical jokes from Grandpa Mup.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual kid’s attire.

Dr. Andy Malls
(aka: Dr. Malls) Veterinarian and Neighbor of the Cranberry Family
Dr. Malls is the overly-friendly neighborhood veterinarian and strict vegan. She is a great neighbor…that is…until she starts to rant about how you shouldn’t eat animals because they are your friends.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Scrubs and an optional stethoscope as a prop.

Tele Evitang
(aka: Ms.Evitang) Neighborhood Gossip
Tele Evitang is always on top of the latest story… sometimes before they even happen! S/he’s an ultra-ambitious investigative reporter for the television station RBC and will stop at nothing to be the first to get the scoop. S/he’s also known to be the first to spread any kind of neighborhood gossip. Watch what you do and say around this nosy neighbor!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual attire with a pen and notepad as a prop.