You are one of the superheroes that have received your summons to the Annual Superhero Assembly in a secret cave inside of Mount Super.  The primary discussion topic on the agenda this year is how to apprehend the notorious villain Da Bomb. The Justice Confederation of heroes is well aware that Da Bomb is assembling an army of robotic bombs that he plans on using to take over the world. The Justice Confederation must come up with a way to stop him and fast.  You've received your summons and at any time, it will activate and guide you to Mount Super.  You are ready for the Assembly and the good people of Gothic City are counting on you.  This is where your story begins...





Electrical powers
Electra is a medical doctor by day and a super hero by night. This healer is able to draw upon electrical energy to fight her foes. Electra is one of the preeminent superheroes in the Justice Confederation and some say she is the unspoken leader.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any type of superhero costume with lightning bolts affixed to it.

Powers of ice
This cold hearted hero is rumored to be in the superhero realm for purely selfish reasons…attention. There have been many recent reports in the news of Shiver not coming to the aid of victims around the city because she is out shopping, getting Botox or doing self-centered things. However, when Shiver does come to help damsels in distress, her rescue rate is 100%.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Light blue or white clothing with a matching cape. A crown and staff as optional props.

Powers of poison
Stingmata’s toxic personality can be rather annoying to those around her. She is full of energy and sometimes loses herself in the moment. However, she is typically the first superhero on the scene of a crime and does her job with vigor and integrity.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: An insect costume (any) with a matching cape.

Blue Blaze
Powers of fire
Blue Blaze is known for her fiery personality. An attorney by day, she is outspoken and can be quite callous on occasion. She is one of the most powerful superheroes in the Justice Confederation and sometimes she walks a fine line on what side of the law she is truly on.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any superhero costume with flames affixed to it.

Powers of all things nerdy
Nerdon is the quintessential nerd with amazing but nerdy super powers. Nerdon is able to draw upon all things nerdy to battle enemies. So watch out for Nerdon’s flying protractorangs, robotic monkeys and his/her ergonomically created sword.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Nerdy clothing with a matching cape. A fake sword as an optional prop.

The Red Wonder
Magical rap lyric powers
The Red Wonder is a famous rap artist by day and super rapper by night! Her lyrics of iron will counteract any evil villain’s attacks. The Red Wonder is a force to be reckoned with…especially with her faithful microphone.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any red superhero costume with a fake microphone as an optional prop.

The Wisher
Powers of wishes
The Wisher is one of the most caring and accommodating superheroes in the Justice Confederation. However, watch out for his/her sneaky side if s/he tricks you into making three wishes.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A genie costume with a matching cape. A genie’s lamp as an optional prop.

The Jester
Powers of humor
This comedian (comedienne) is a hoot to be around and was once voted everyone’s favorite super hero in the Justice Confederation. The Jester uses the power of humor to defeat villains. Criminals don’t know what’s hit them when the jokes start flying!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A jester costume – multicolored spandex unitard with a jester hat.

Ms. Fabulous
Powers of being completely fabulous
Mr. Fabulous is…well…he’s completely fabulous! His perfect body, perfect hair, charismatic personality and trusty hand-held mirror are all that he needs to bring the criminals to justice. The lawbreakers stop in awe at the sight of Mr. Fabulous… just in time for the other superheroes to take control of the scene.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any muscled superhero costume. An optional hand held mirror as a prop.

Vampo Girl
Powers of the dark side
Vampo Man draws upon the dark side for super powers. This makes some of the other superheroes uneasy as they can’t trust this superhero is truly in the Justice Confederation for good intentions.
Nothing to date has proven otherwise, so Vampo Man is still ranked as an upstanding member!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A vampire costume with a vampire cape.