The neighbors of Sunny Lane are an eclectic group of people.  Most of them get along fabulously, but others have unfortunately plunged their wicked hooks into others, causing mayhem, despair and serious misunderstandings.  Nonetheless, the neighborhood Home Owner’s Association has decided to move forward with the annual block party in hopes that it will bring those engaging in combat to a truce; and the neighborhood will be able to live happily ever after in harmony.

This year, the block party will be held at Kris Angels’ home.  Kris, a professional magician that strongly upholds the Magician’s Oath and Code of Ethics, doesn’t typically invite guests over - in fear that magical secrets may become popular knowledge.  Rumor has it that Kris has rented a storage facility in order to hide certain gadgets, contraptions and props from the guests.

You have received your invitation, and cannot wait to soak up some sun, play backyard party games and enjoy some delicious grilled food with your neighbors.  This is where your story begins.






Criminal Defense Attorney

Mardi Chaser is a well-known criminal defense attorney in the town of Greenville.  Mardi is great at marketing and is known for crazy commercials on television and wacky billboards in town.  Dedication and persistence have gotten Mardi where s/he is today.



Kris Angels is a dedicated friend and hardworking magician.  The townspeople of Greenville often hire Kris for children’s parties, corporate events and more.  Kris aspires to leave Greenville one day to break into the entertainment industry with his/her magic show.


Standup Comic

Sam Lafton is the peculiar standup comedian.  A constant whistler, Sam will always grace you with uncomfortable stares and periods of awkward silence during conversation.  Sam is known for roasting the town’s residents in his/her comedy routines.  Because of this, many people consider Sam an archenemy.


Video Game Designer

Tendo Harvey is the muscled video game designer.  Tendo loves to talk about one thing and one thing only – Tendo Harvey.  Tendo was a notorious high school bully many years ago, and this type of behavior rears its ugly head when Tendo doesn’t get his/her way.



Logan Anthony is the bossy butcher at the Greenville Meat Emporium.  The shop has a reputation for having the best meat in town, but the most unfriendly staff.  Unfortunately, customers have to endure being ridiculed by Logan in order to purchase any meat!


Professional Dog Handler

Drew Adel is the highly intellectual, award-wining professional dog handler.  Drew is a true and loyal friend as well as a hard worker.  Drew is also highly competitive, as s/he’s a permanent resident of the American Dog Club winner’s circle.  People say that Drew will do anything for an ADC National Championship.


Canine Behavioral Specialist

Corey Melon is the arrogant and aggressive canine behavioral specialist.  Corey Melon, otherwise known as the canine whisperer, owns the only dog training facility in town and charges enormous rates for his/her services.  Corey is also difficult to deal with and makes a majority of his/her clients very angry.


Makeup Artist

Omari Shady is the ultra-creative and eccentric makeup artist.  At times, this makeup artist can be very meticulous and impatient, which is most likely why Omari’s work always shows up in the trendiest and most popular fashion magazines.



Tiki Waters is the ill-mannered lifeguard at the Greenville Water Park.  Tiki Waters is the rudest soul around and a notorious party crasher.  To the other guests’ dismay, Tiki has acquired an invite to the Sunny Lane Block Party, even though s/he lives across town!



Pizzy Tankus is the antisocial guitarist for the band Armpit Anguish.  Pizzy suffers from severe anger management issues and is extremely judgmental of others.  These nasty qualities tend to anger not only Pizzy’s band mates but also anybody within earshot.  Pizzy also suffers from an intense fear of germs so getting too close to Pizzy is out of the question!


Dog Groomer

Alex Combs used to be a legendary professional dog handler in the ‘90s.  Lately, Alex has only been interested in dog grooming at his/her shop named Canine Cleaners.  Alex refuses to get back into the competitive world of dog handling, and nobody understands what made Alex lose the spirit of competition.


Gossip Columnist

Kelly Christie is the talented gossip columnist for the Greenville Times.  Kelly knows everybody in town, and has essentially written about every person at one point or another in his/her gossip column.  However, it’s a negative thing to be mentioned in one of Kelly’s articles, and the townspeople do what they can to stay off Kelly’s radar.



Originally hailing from the UK, this feisty individual is currently seeking employment.  Joss has experience in nearly every blue-collar job, so s/he is known as a Jack-Of-All-Trades.  However, Joss’s vast array of experiences isn’t proving to be an asset, as Joss cannot seem to land a position anywhere!


Fashion Designer

Micki Walker has aspired to become a fashion designer since the early age of three.  Micki’s creations are quickly capturing notice by celebs, and it’s only a matter of time before Micki’s garments are walking the runways of New York City.  Micki is an old soul in a young body and speaks as if s/he were over sixty years old.