The Karlton-Ritz Hotel is sponsoring the annual ‘Save the Bog Turtles’ VIP charity event for the fourth year in a row in the glitzy city of New York City.  The ‘who’s who’ of the town are set to arrive on the scene in high fashion for a night of glitz and glamour – all for a great cause! Anybody who is somebody will be at the party – that’s for sure!

As usual, the guests will have a blast catching up on recent events while enjoying yummy appetizers. Rumor has it that this year, the event hosts have scheduled fun party games for the guests to show off their skills!  You know how competitive the high society types can be!

You have your ticket to this exclusive event to save the bog turtles and this is where your story begins! 


Award-Winning Country & Western Music Artist
Hope Mountain is the #1 country and western music artist in the world. Originally hailing from Nashville, Tennessee, this girl with the sugary sweet personality can sing like an angel! Everyone loves to be around Hope Mountain because she is the nicest girl in town. In the early days of her career, she was the reigning rodeo queen in her hometown and can rope a cow faster than most cowboys!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Western outfit – shirt, jeans, boots and cowboy hat. Guitar (fake or real) and microphone as an optional prop.

Beauty Queen
Hyra Franks is one of the most stunning and talented beauty pageant queens in the United States. This pageant diva recently coveted the title of Miss Teen USA! However, this beauty queen definitely knows she is beautiful and is not ashamed to say so, either! Some say that her egomania is simply her way of getting more attention.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Evening gown and tiara. Optional ‘Miss Teen USA’ banner as a prop.

Ima Pillgiver is the nosy nurse from the Lititz Medical Center. If you want to get your share of the town gossip, definitely rush over to Ima’s house! Ima knows absolutely everyone in town and she’ll tell you anything you want to know! But be careful what you tell her because nobody’s business is off limits where Ima is concerned!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A nurse costume / white fitted dress with a nurse’s hat.

Mary Merryweather is the high energy bride-to-be who is soon to be married to a famous celebrity: Danny Radclif from the magic-laden Harold Pottman movies. It is absolutely hysterical to hang out with Mary Merryweather as she is known for constantly impersonating random types of animals. From Mary - expect the unexpected at all times!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A bridal costume / white formal (semi-formal) dress with a veil.

Professional Roller-Skater
Penny Wheeler is a talented professional roller-skater. With her home filled to the brim with State Skating Championship trophies, this speedster is definitely the one to beat at any skating meet! Penny is often the life of the party with her constant rhyming about the situations around her. Some say she’d make an excellent rap artist one day!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Two different costume scenarios: skater attire (i.e. like skateboard wear) or a skating dress/dance costume. Roller skates are optional and the hosts’ floor should be considered. (Carpet/tile should be okay, hard wood/marble floors is not okay  )

Prancy Twinkletoes is the most charismatic person you will ever know. She’s multi-talented, but is best known for her graceful and elegant Ballet performances. Everyone adores Prancy Twinkletoes as she loves to share her love for dance….continuously!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Ballerina costume. Hair pulled back into a bun.

Sock Hopper
Frenchie Arnold is a quirky dance teacher at the biggest dance studio in town. She teaches the high energy sock hop dance class. People say she is ‘stuck in the 1950s’ but she defends that life was simpler back then and chooses to live her life that way. However, don’t cross this retro-sock hopper as she is known for her intense anger management issues!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: 1950’s costume. Poodle skirt, saddle shoes with hair in a pony tail with a scarf tied around it.

Ukulele Player
The shy and reserved Poni Pineapple is one of the best Ukulele players of her generation. She is part of one of the largest luau productions in Maui and is famous for her sharp hula moves and her skilled ukulele playing. As fun as this luau diva might seem, she has an awful habit that nobody can seem to break - horrible manners!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Luau costume - grass skirt with a Hawaiian shirt or bikini top, flower in the hair. Hawaiian lei(s) as an optional prop(s). A ukulele as an optional prop.

Fortune Teller
You never know what you’re going to get out of Zenda Zale – the fortune teller to the celebrities in Hollywood. Known to be overly romantic, this crystal ball wielding gypsy can spin off some crazy fortunes! Weird enough, they always seem to involve who she is to marry in the future!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Gypsy / fortune teller outfit. (Long flowing dress with jagged edges.) A (fake) crystal ball as an optional prop.

Pop Star
Since she was only seventeen, this pop diva has topped the charts. Surprisingly, all of the fame hasn’t gone to her head as she is one of the friendliest celebrities you’ll ever meet! She constantly travels the globe to attend any and all charity events that she can fit into her busy tour schedule!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Pop star attire with a fake microphone as an optional prop.

Professional Basketball Player
Babe Swoops is the center of attention in any room. She is a forward for the Los Angeles Sparkles professional basketball team. She is a boisterous young lady full of energy. Babe constantly craves the spot light and will do anything - good or bad - to get it.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Basketball uniform (or a warm up suit) with an optional basketball as a prop.

Circus Performer
Get a box of tissues ready if you are going to be around Ella Bella! This prima donna circus queen has led one of the most dramatic and emotional lives in her twenty-something years. Her problems typically evolve around her self-centered nature and many find her constant plea to give makeovers to those around her to be quite annoying.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous costume (dance costume, etc.) with a tiara as an optional prop. Hair should be elegantly styled around the tiara.

Personal Shopper
Nieman Sacks is a personal shopper with a tough, no-nonsense attitude. Known for speaking loudly, she is ultra professional, focused and takes her job extremely seriously. This is one strong-willed lady that will stand up to anyone in her way…especially if you are blocking her from a sales rack at the store.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Very prim and proper yet stylish outfit with perfectly matching accessories. Shopping bags as a prop.

Whitty recently moved to the United States from Australia last year. She’s a member of the Tigers cheer squad from Okoboji College and eats, breathes and sleeps cheerleading! Whitty’s the girl that everyone aspires to be like and is very generous and caring. But some of her cheer mates have seen her bossy and ultra competitive side... and they don't like it!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any cheerleading uniform.

Fast Food Chef
Paddie Berger is the hard working chef at Betty’s Burger Tavern. A compulsive liar even when the truth is better, this burger flipper is a known cheater during board games…so beware if you ever play a game against this master of deceit!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any fast food uniform and an apron as an optional prop.

Dr. Dee Enaye is one of the most brilliant scientists in the nation. This friendly scientist is known to be a tad too talkative at times. It’s probably because she doesn’t leave the lab much!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A lab coat or medical scrubs. Any fake science equipment (i.e. beakers, test tubes, pipettes) as optional props.

Professional Baseball Player
Jeter Derick is the ultimate role model for today’s young athletes. In addition to being purely spectacular, Jeter is one of the most dedicated friends as there is nothing that Jeter wouldn’t do for a fellow teammate...or to win a baseball game, for that matter! Jeter definitely loves to win!

Rock Star
A former waiter from Canada, Chadley Kroger is now the lead vocalist of the alternative rock band, Pennyback. A sneaky rebel, everyone knows this rockin’ songster would prefer to be a rap artist.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy rock attire. An optional fake/real guitar &/or microphone as props.

Professional Skateboarder
Known as a genius in his high school, this President of the Mathematics Club with a 4.0 grade point average recently became a famous professional skateboarder when he was discovered by a scout at the local skate park while attending a birthday party!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Skateboarding attire. Optional to bring a skateboard as a prop.

Farmer and Reality Show Star
With tons of blue ribbons in his display cases for prize winning animals, this successful farmer recently earned a spot on prime time television with his own reality show! All of this fame and fortune hasn’t gone to his head as he is still the cool, calm and collected farmer that speaks in nearly a whisper!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Overalls and a flannel. Cowboy hat as an optional prop.

Princess of Zamkiki
Princess Zena is the outrageous princess and devoted frog collector. She hails from a small island off of the coast of South Africa called Zamkiki. She is an enthusiastic world traveler.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A princess costume with a tiara. A fake frog as an optional prop.