Jasmine Aurora
Interim Chief Executive Officer
The domineering Jasmine Aurora is the recently appointed interim Chief Executive Officer at Worldwide Prestige, Inc. It’s common knowledge that Jasmine slips by with minimal hours and nominal efforts but she morphs into a horse of a different color the instant any member of the Board of Directors arrives on site. A self-riotous hypocrite that is on vacation more than she is at work, Jasmine rules with an iron fist and has demoted, even fired employees over minor violations of punctuality!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Formal business attire.

Misty Rainbow
Director of Employment
Hide the corporate ladders! Misty Rainbow is the unappeasable ladder climber of Worldwide Prestige, Inc. Only six months ago, her neighbor helped her land her first gig in the mailroom and ever since, she’s clawed and connived her way to the lucrative position of Director of Employment in the Human Resources subdivision of the company. The moody and insensitive Misty is anything but trustworthy and some say she’d push her Granny in front of a train if it meant more money and a bigger title!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Formal business attire. Copies of a fake resume to slip to your superiors as an optional prop.

Stoney Oxadoddy
Chief Operations Officer
Stoney Oxadoddy is the sly Chief Operations Officer that journeyed a scandal-tinged path to the top position of Chief Operations Officer. Stoney started in a low-level management position and worked into the executive offices in five years. Many of Stoney’s promotions were based upon his/her discovery of huge blunders in paperwork. Over the years, Stoney reported these errors directly to the CEO, Eric Wilde, and once even saved the company from a $20,000 loss! However, rumor has it that Stoney is the one who actually made the mistakes but blamed them on his/her superiors to the CEO! Great advice is to never turn your back on Stoney!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Formal business attire.

Calyx Lovage
Executive Assistant to the CEO
Calyx Lovage is the whiney executive assistant to the Chief Executive Officer. Calyx suffers from a severe lack of confidence and low self esteem and these deficiencies will most likely keep Calyx in the same position for the remainder of his/her career. The grapevine gossipers maintain that the missing CEO, Eric Wilde, recently discovered that Calyx fabricated his/her resume to get the Executive Assistant job a couple of years ago. Nobody knows the outcome of that issue as the CEO recently disappeared and Calyx still has his/her job.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi-formal business attire. Remember, you have a very low self esteem so nothing flashy. A toy gun (concealed) as an optional prop.

Quince Frost
Chief Financial Officer
Quince Frost is the uber-quiet Chief Financial Officer at Worldwide Prestige, Inc. Quince lurks in the shadows of the halls avoiding contact with others at all costs. If you send an email to Quince, don’t leave your office because you’re bound to receive an immediate phone call in return as Quince refuses to put anything in writing. This drives everyone at the company nutty as Quince is extremely elusive to speak with and you can’t get a straight answer from Quince no matter how hard you try! Some people swear s/he is up to no good!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Formal business attire. Choose monotone colors as you are not trendy and do not want attention. Mirrored sunglasses as an optional prop.

Mugwort Buttercup
Executive Director of Internal Audit
Mugwort Buttercup is the tenacious Executive Director of Internal Audit at Worldwide Prestige, Inc. Reporting directly to the Board of Directors, Mugwort struts around the company as if s/he were privileged royalty. Mugwort and his/her team keep an inflexible control over all aspects of financial compliance and employee relations. Mugwort takes his/her job extremely serious and even drives to employees’ homes to document how they’re spending money. If s/he finds they are living above their means, a full blown investigation ensues!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Extremely conservative and slightly nerdy formal business attire.

Rock Ivy
Chief Administrative Officer
The Chief Administrative Officer at Worldwide Prestige, Inc. is Rock Ivy - the manic bipolar disorder sufferer. One minute Rock is your friend talking about last weekend’s fishing trip and the next he is screaming at you over a typo you made on a daily memorandum about Hawaiian shirt day! You never know what you’ll get when you speak to Rock so most people only go to his office as a last resort! It’s no surprise, but Rock doesn’t have real friends of his own so he mandates the employees in his division attend his private parties at a local bar every week. He makes it very clear that if you skip the weekly festivities, you’ll pay for it dearly on Monday! Maybe even with your job!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Formal business attire. Fake pill bottles as an optional prop as your character is on multiple medications for bipolar disorder.

Storm Wormwood
V.P. of Human Resources
The award for the most nauseating employee at Worldwide Prestige, Inc. goes to…Storm Wormwood. Storm created the phrase ‘beef up your resume’ as he was employed as a lady’s shoe salesman at Bacy’s Department Store immediately before landing the prestigious title of Vice President of Human Resources at Worldwide Prestige, Inc. Not even Sherlock Holmes himself could sleuth how Storm pulled that one off! But everybody does agree that he is a very smooth talker!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Formal business attire. Business cards with a ‘beefed up’ title of Executive Senior Vice President to annoy your coworkers as an optional prop.

Rio Fox
V.P. for Public Affairs
Hold on, I’ll get right back to you on that. I have to call my father and ask what he thinks about it first! Rio Fox, the charismatic Vice President for Public Affairs, secretly calls his father for advice about absolutely everything. Rio doesn’t tie his shoe unless his dad says it needs it!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Formal business attire. A cell phone to call dad is a must.

Blaze Winters
V.P. of Research
Blaze Winters is the obnoxious Vice President of Research. Lacking a filter for both voice volume and content, he speaks his mind without a care in the world about who is listening. A long-timer at Worldwide Prestige, Inc., Blaze is anything but tolerant of the new recruits and isn’t ashamed to let them know how he feels. Blaze is somewhat amicable for the most part but has a very short fuse that you want to keep even the tiniest spark far away from!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Formal business attire. *This character is supposed to be ‘older’ than most. If played by a young man, he should wear a gray wig.

Basil Maples
Senior Legal Counsel – Litigation and Legal Policy
Basil Maples is the abrasive Senior Legal Counsel for Worldwide Prestige, Inc. He leads the Litigation and Legal Policy Department by intimidation and thrives on those that are fearful of him. The water cooler gossips claim that Basil finished his law courses online during work hours while he was the Director of Marketing. During that time, he allegedly bullied his employees to cover 100% of his responsibilities – even personal ones like picking up his laundry, going to the grocery store, picking up his family from the airport, etc! Must be nice to collect a huge paycheck while attending school and having personal assistants!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Formal business attire.

Kyo Hualing
Director of Global Relations and Research
Kyo Hualing is the lazy Director of Global Relations and Research. Due to a new hiring strategy in Human Resources, he was hired straight out of college. Kyo gladly accepted the high-status title 8 months ago and has done nothing but under impress everybody in the company since day one. This rookie lacks shame; however, as he constantly admits during meetings that he is unable to do the tasks that are assigned to him and uses the excuse that he’s ‘still in training.’ Everybody wonders when the executives will finally have enough of his slothful behavior.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Formal business attire. Un-ironed, un-tucked shirt and tie tied incorrectly.

Ginger Belladonna
Executive Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer
Ginger Belladonna is the spunky Executive Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer. Ginger is well loved and appreciated tremendously as she accommodates everybody’s needs - even at her own expense. Ginger would like to attend community college at night to earn a nursing degree but has been working late unpaid hours helping her subdivision keep up with their ever-growing workload! As bad as she wants it - she’s not sure if now is the time to focus on her own needs, dreams and desires.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Very trendy and young looking business attire.

Kassy Saffron
Director of Marketing
Kassy Saffron is the sassy and hyperactive Director of Marketing. She speaks her mind and lives for confrontation. Once, in a fit of road rage on the way to work, she chased a truck load of unsavory men into the seedy part of town just so she could ‘tell them off’ for swerving into her lane! A sage word of advice is: do not cross Kassy Saffron as there is no doubt you’ll regret it.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Formal business attire. Suit should be very bold – bold colors, bold print for the blouse, scarf, etc. Cigar as an optional prop.

Angelica Venus
Senior V.P. of Technology Infrastructure
The overly-anxious Angelica Venus is the Senior Vice President of Technology Infrastructure. Angelica was recently promoted to the Vice President position and soon after, received a second promotion as a Senior Vice President. Rumor has it that she got the second promotion as a confidence booster to help relieve her anxiety and cure her issues of self-doubt. It appears as though it only served to make it worse as Angelica is a complete bundle of nerves waiting to explode at any moment.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Formal business attire.

Keisha Mistletoe
Senior Risk Officer
Keisha Mistletoe is the high maintenance Senior Risk Officer at Worldwide Prestige, Inc. No stranger to top designer fashion and expensive jewelry, Keisha enjoys strolling through the halls of the company flaunting her new expensive wares to the women staff members. Nobody knows where Keisha gets the money to buy such luxurious items. How much could a Senior Risk Officer get paid, anyway? The answer is clear - not enough for what she’s sporting around town!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Formal, very expensive and fashionable looking, business attire. Flashy costume jewelry. Fake money in wads in every pocket as optional props.

Woody Nightshade
V.P. of Environmental Health and Safety
Woody Nightshade is the overly blunt Vice President of Environmental Health and Safety. Woody is an extremely hard worker and does a superb job leading the EH&S Department, but personally suffers from a severe case of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Woody’s antics of hand washing and hypochondria drive his/her employees to the brink of office insanity!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Formal business attire. Any type of safety equipment such as hand sanitizer, a dust mask, etc.

Sage Sorrel
Director of Advertising
Sage Sorrel will do absolutely anything to please the Executives of Worldwide Prestige, Inc. Sage waits in his/her office every day to time his/her walk to the parking lot with the executives. Sage eavesdrops to find out where the executives might go after work and then ‘by coincidence’ ends up going to the same location. Sage does have a family at home but has put Worldwide Prestige, Inc. a top priority at all costs. Who knows what Sages’ motive is for doing this but most likely, Sage shouldn’t be trusted.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Formal business attire.

Raine Huckleberry
V.P. of Tax Policy and Planning
The calm Raine Huckleberry is possibly one of the nicest and most helpful employees at Worldwide Prestige, Inc. Raine is a long-time executive who is an expert on the inner workings and history of the company. Raine is an excellent source of information and mentorship. However, the word is that Raine might have a hidden dark side but nobody has been able to prove that.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Formal conservative business attire.

Laurel Holly
V.P. of Business Development
Laurel Holly is the shy and reserved Vice President of Business Development. For such a high profile position, Laurel’s personality certainly doesn’t fill the bill. However, Laurel does have a veiled charm that, when push comes to shove, s/he can use it to get what s/he wants.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Formal business attire.


The Annual Conference for Worldwide Prestige, Inc. is scheduled to be held this year at the Grande Plaza Hotel in New York City. It was leaked recently that the CEO, Mr. Eric Wilde, will announce the end of the year figures and prove to the Board of Directors and investors worldwide that he has not only saved the company from an imminent bankruptcy one year ago when he was hired as the CEO, but has doubled profits from the highest profit year in the history of the company! Not only is Worldwide Prestige, Inc. rumored to be safe from having its’ doors closed but now it might mean a healthy bonus for all! Lately at corporate headquarters in Anonville, Texas, the atmosphere has been electric as the employees, including you, have buzzed about the upcoming trip to the Big Apple! However, the other day the air turned stale as the shocking news flashed through the overhead speaker about your heroic Chief Executive Officer. As you may recall, Mr. Eric Wilde was pronounced missing! His personal effects were found in his desk; his car parked in his space since Friday afternoon, and not a single light on at his home! Since Eric started at Worldwide Prestige, he has worked 15 hours a day, 7 days a week and never has missed a minute even to blow his nose! The Board of Directors is certain foul play is at hand but can't involve the police just yet! The media would throw a Doom’s Day spin on the CEO’s absence and the company stock will plummet without Mr. Wilde’s solid leadership in place. The show has to go on and everything has to appear normal or Worldwide Prestige, Inc. is destined for disaster.To everybody’s surprise, the Board appointed Jasmine Aurora, a prior Senior Risk Officer in the Internal Audit Department, to serve as interim CEO until Eric’s return. The Board also decided to proceed with the Annual Conference with great hope that Eric Wilde will return in time to attend. All stockholders have been extended an invitation to the yearly strategy sessions and will undoubtedly figure something is amiss if Mr. Wilde is absent from the meetings. You'll soon arrive at the Grande Plaza Hotel and kick off the conference with breakout sessions and critical thinking seminars and relaxing social gatherings and award ceremonies in the evenings. You're registered for the conference, your travel plans are booked and you're ready for the conference!  This is where your story begins...