The prestigious Fordes Magazine is hosting the first annual Midas Awards banquet. The Midas Award will identify and honor the most innovative CEO who exhibits impeccable leadership, establishes growth and profits, and exceeds expectations in difficult and ever-changing markets. The top ten business leaders have been nominated and are set to arrive on the red carpet at the famous Plaza Ritz Hotel. Excitement is bursting in the air as the world awaits the announcement of the number one chief executive on the globe. You have a vested interest in your leader winning this title. You have an exclusive ticket to the event where you will support your CEO on this important night. You would do anything to ensure your company wins. This is where your story begins.

Nominees for the Fordes Magazine Midas Award


Liv Travis

Liv Travis is the tenacious CEO of Cash Links, Inc., a mortgage lending company headquartered in New York City. Cash Links is the largest retailer of home loans in the United States. Liv graduated from Cornell University and paved the way to the big desk after years of grinding it out as a real estate agent.

Liv is single and lives in New York City with two Dobermans named Ralph and Charlie. Close sources say Liv's been dealing with a blackmailer recently, so watch the tabloid headlines for this developing story.

Ash Daniels

Ash Daniels is the brilliant CEO of CATAGA – a world famous biotech corporation based out of Atlanta, Georgia. Ash’s calendar is booked solid with no time for social events. A modern day Scrooge, all work and no play is Ash’s motto, so the world is surprised Ash sent in the RSVP for this awards banquet.

Ash lives in Atlanta, Georgia in a dream home in an exclusive neighborhood.  It's only a matter of time before the radical protesting groups find Ash's address and infiltrate the peaceful neighborhood. CATAGA is constantly under the societal microscope for controversial products and research.

Rory Marks

Rory Marks is a legendary environmentalist in addition to being the CEO of Evergreen Electric – the energy company supplying power to most of the eastern coast of the United States. Rory also founded Free the People – a radical human rights organization with over half a million members.

Rory is an alum of the University of Massachusetts. Back in college, Rory roomed with Skyler Washington and those two often reminisce about their days back on campus. 

Rumor has it that Rory and Skyler may be involved in some shady business, but no solid evidence has surfaced to date. 

Payton Clark

Payton is a passionate leader with first class communication skills and a long track record of successful management in electronic commerce and cloud computing. Payton is the CEO of Titan, the world’s largest online retailer and prominent cloud services provider.

Payton lives in Los Angeles and is recently divorced. Rumor has it that Payton may be involved in a few lawsuits.

Sage Winters

Sage Winters is the boisterous CEO for Standard Insurance. Sage has been caught in the tabloids lately with public outbursts and legal battles. However, Standard Insurance has over 100 million customers in over 50 countries – so Sage is doing something right.  

Sage lives in Seattle, Washington and drives a Mercedes SL500 - license plate 'LUVCASH.'  Sage has been scouting for land in Boston, Massachusetts to build a new eastern headquarters - but hasn't found the right deal yet. 

Skyler Washington

Skyler Washington has worked hard to earn the title of CEO of Itman Property Management in Seattle Washington. Skyler is described as a result-oriented leader with a strong track record. 

On the other hand, Skyler's been involved in scandals involving lawsuits, blackmail and deceit recently, and it is only a matter of time before Skyler’s world crashes down. Skyler needs to win the Midas Award for some positive attention.

Devyn Hendrix 

Devyn Hendrix is the brazen CEO of Yagle – an American-based international tech company specializing in online-related products and services.

Devyn has been out of the office dealing with ‘personal issues’ lately, so the world is surprised Devyn was nominated for the Midas Award.

Devyn lives in Mountain View California, but travels for work often. Devyn has made poor personal choices lately, and is dealing with the consequences at this time.  Devyn has learned not to trust anyone...even close friends.

Casey Scott 

Casey Scott is the hard-working CEO of Davey Jones Homes – a residential homebuilding company headquartered in California. Casey founded the company as a solo project and now, it has expanded across the United States and has been named by Fortune 500 Magazine as one of the best places to work.

Casey graduated from Stanford University back in 1992 and currently lives in Los Angeles. An anonymous, unconfirmed source stated Casey recently recovered from credit issues from over two decades ago. 

Rowan Smart

Rowan Smart is the CEO of Royal Retailers – a membership-only warehouse club that provides a wide selection of merchandise. Listed as the second largest retailer in the U.S., Royal Retailers is a well-oiled machine.

It’s surprising that Rowan has the time to stir so much trouble up on social media. Rowan is a fun follow on social media because the posts and numerous an unbridled. If you want an update of what's going on with Rowan Smart, just look on the social media timelines - you'll get the scoop.  It's no surprise Rowan is currently engaged in lawsuits. 

Avery Pickett

Avery Pickett is the does-what-it-takes CEO of Star Media – a celebrity management firm based in Hollywood, California.  Behind the scenes, Avery runs a ‘clean up’ operation to ensure the A-list clients of Star Media stay out of the tabloids – and county jails – at all costs.

Avery is the only candidate for the Midas Award who is not a college graduate.  Avery also has a sordid history with the founder of the Fordes Magazine, so the world is interested to see if Avery wins the award. 

Jaime Archer

Jaime Archer is an American programmer and entrepreneur who founded Bee Bites, one of the leading social media applications. Deemed a top innovator of the world by Fortune 500 Magazine, this is one rising star to keep your eye on. Jaime is favored to win the Midas Award.  

Frankie Blackwood

Frankie Blackwood is an American business executive and certified private investigator. Frankie founded the internationally known corporation Find, Inc. Frankie’s detectives will hunt anybody down in the world in record time.  Nobody can hide from Find, Inc. 

Quinn Noble

Quinn Noble is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Hexon Oil & Gas, headquartered in Bismarck, North Dakota. Quinn was born in France and after a tour in the French military, moved to America and became a financial consultant. Quinn was a student of the school of hard knocks and did whatever it took to get where Quinn is today. 

Reese North

Reese North is the CEO of Red Tie Movers, headquartered in Springfield, Missouri. Reese is a known hot-head and the employees of the corporate office are delighted Reese is traveling across the country to attend the Midas Awards. They’ve been in desperate need of a break from Reese’s tyranny.  

Tommie Slade

Tommie Slade is a notorious underground hacker who worked up the ladder to the big seat at The Pet Company, a Las Vegas, Nevada based corporation known for pet supplies worldwide. Nobody truly knows why Tommie decided to give up code for dog bones, but The Pet Company has never been better. 

Hunter Claiborne

Viking Man Caves is an industry leader in household male sanctuaries. Hunter Claiborne founded the company which has risen to fame with spots on television shows showcasing the amazing domestic retreats Viking Man Caves has to offer.  

Kerry Looper

Kerry Looper is the new CEO of Dak Music Group (DMG) – a well-known music label that has signed many of today’s top musical stars. Kerry had an unprecedented rise to the top, as it wasn't long ago that Kerry started at DMG as a talent scout. 

Lee Hazel

Lee Hazel offers the best beauty products at the lowest prices through the international company – BW Beauty. Nobody knows how Lee is able to undercut the competition, but you can purchase retail beauty merchandise for at least 50% off what you’ll pay at a competitive store.  

Max Green

Max Green is the celebrity travel guru and CEO of Open Road Travel – a company known for putting together luxurious travel packages for the best prices. Their 24-hour concierge service is spectacular and a primary reason why Max has captured the top echelon of clientele. 

Natty Finklestein

Rumors have been circulating the gossip mill for years about Natty Finklestein’s connections with the Italian Mob of Chicago. However, nobody has ever been able to gather enough evidence to support these accusations. Nevertheless, Natty is the CEO for the top security company – Night Owl Security, which provides residential and small business electronic security, fire protection and other alarm monitoring services in 40 countries and counting.  

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