The Cinco de Mayo Murder at the Montalban Hotel


Forget the Siesta, Let's Fiesta!  The Cinco de Mayo celebrations around the world each year honor the 1862 victory of Mexico's victory over the French - the Battle of Puebla that took place on May 5th!  The Montalban Hotel, a celebrity hotspot in beautiful Los Cabos, Mexico, is hosting the annual Cinco de Mayo celebration! You've got your plane ticket booked and your ticket to this event.  This is where your story begins...






Magan Foxy
Hollywood Actress
This pampered vixen of the big screen is one of the top paid and most sought after Hollywood starlets! Magan sings more nowadays than she speaks as she’s vying for a switch to the bright lights of Broadway. This annoying behavior is only one of the many reasons why Magan doesn’t get along very well with her costars on movie sets.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous attire – evening gown - and a mirror to frequently check yourself with.

Kirstin Steward
Hollywood Actress
Kirstin Steward is known as one of Hollywood’s nicest young stars. At least that’s the side to Kirstin that Hollywood’s seen! On a more personal level, away from the glitz and glam, this spoiled diva lets it loose with angry tirades if she doesn’t get her way.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous attire – evening gown with hair styled glamorously.

Robbie Patson
Hollywood Actor
Robbie Patson originally hails from London, England. His recent vampire-themed box office hit as well as his rugged features have earned him a top spot on Hollywood’s most handsome list - even though he’s a shameless self-promoting egomaniac.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Fabulous attire – tux or a suit. Pictures of yourself to autograph and hand out to others as optional props.

Bari Drewmore
Hollywood Actress
One of Hollywood’s most gifted and versatile actresses, Bari Drewmore has been a staple on the big screen since she was only seven years old! She spews charisma and charm and recently, her fans have catapulted her into an iconic status. However, it is rumored that Bari has a devious side.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous attire – evening gown and hair in an updo.

Phil Werrel
American Comedian and Actor
To no surprise, this former class clown was voted “Most Likely to be a Stand Up Comedian” by his high school senior class! Phil Werrel won his spot in Hollywood a few years ago by his comedic lead acting role on the television show Friday Night Live. Since then, he made his way onto the big screen and has released comedy films like they’re going out of style! Lately, Phil has desperately tried to break into more serious acting roles.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Fabulous attire – tux or a suit. *Get a curly wig if you do not already have this hair. Post it note pad and pen as optional (hidden) props.

Raquel Tilson
Hollywood Actress
If there were an official Hollywood Sweetheart, Raquel Tilson would definitely win the title! She’s definitely the sweetest person you’ll ever know – especially on the movie lot! However, she has a serious problem with kleptomania so watch your stuff closely if she’s around!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous attire – evening gown. *Bring a large handbag / duffle bag to put your stolen items into during the party.

Shy Lebuff
Hollywood Actor
Shy Lebuff will be the first one to tell you when you’re not doing things right. However, his blunt honesty is actually seen as ‘charismatic’ to the ladies…but everything Shy is charming to the ladies! Strangely, this ultra mysterious fellow is left alone by the media and everyone in Hollywood wants to know his secret!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Fabulous attire – tux or suit with a top hat. This character is mysterious – so any props to make you appear mysterious (i.e. pocket watch, sunglasses, goatee, gloves, etc.)

Zangelina Joley
Hollywood Actress
Zangelina is one of the most successful actresses in Hollywood. Known to be a tad eccentric; this starlet is collecting adopted children from around the world. Recently, she’s also become an avid collector of all things belonging to Kirstin Steward. People find this obsession strange, but Zangelina is quite open about it and could care less about the Hollywood gossips. This movie diva is lovely to be friends with - as long as you’re not stealing the limelight from her, that is.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous attire – evening gown and hair in an updo. Optional to bring multiple baby dolls to play the role(s) of her many, many children.

Pablo Santana & the Montalban Mariachi Band
Mariachi Band Leader
Pablo Santana is the hard-working leader of the most famous mariachi band in Mexico - the Montalbán Hotel Mariachi Band. He is so dedicated to achieving greatness and would be the perfect band leader if he could just control his anger. This is definitely one grudge-holding mariachi star!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Mariachi suit, large sombrero and fake/real acoustic guitar as an optional prop.

Riley Syrus
Recording Artist and Entertainer
When it comes to fame and fortune, the wild and crazy Riley Syrus is a force to be reckoned with! This uber-famous diva is known to suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and germaphobia so don’t even try to shake hands with this starlet…she’d have to sanitize you first!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous attire – evening gown and hair in an updo. Hand sanitizer, latex gloves and a dust mask as optional and sanitary props.

Stephen Thing
American Author and Screenwriter
Stephen Thing is the infamous creepy King of the Horror Genre. Everyone knows that if Stephen wrote it - and you watch it or read it - you’re not sleeping soundly for weeks! Stephen is highly intellectual and great to talk to if you can overlook his eerie persona.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Fabulous but gothic attire – tux or a suit.

Taylan Swift
Recording Artist and Entertainer
Taylan Swift is the American dream of a country-pop idol! She rose to the top as America’s Country Darling when she was only eighteen years old! This outrageous star is a media magnet that can’t even go to the grocery store without it caught on film! This over-emotional pop diva loves attention and without a doubt - she definitely gets her share!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Country & Western glamorous pop idol attire. Optional to have a fake/real acoustic guitar &/or headset.

Okra Wimpy
Television Show Host and Media Mogul
Okra Wimpy is a television staple! She is the highest rated talk show host in the history of television as well as the richest woman of the 21st century! Hollywood insiders call her the most influential woman in the world! There’s one problem with being friends with Okra, however, as she is a tad too nosy for most people’s tastes.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous attire – evening gown and hair in an updo.

Paul Paratzy & colleagues
Member of the Paparazzi
Paul Paratzy is the tenacious trash tabloid reporter known by his colleagues as the ‘King of the Gutter Press!’ If there is an impossible story to scoop – Paul always manages to get just the right photos and exclusive interviews with what he calls ‘insiders.’ There is nothing that Paul won’t do to get the story and Paul is not above blackmailing celebrities to get some extra cash.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Cheesy business casual attire. Camera (real or fake) as an optional prop.

Peggy Marshal & the MBM field crew
Executive Movie Producer and Director
Do it once and check it five times’ is Peggy’s motto! This obsessive movie producer is the one to be around at a party as she gets the dance floor moving with her interpretive dance moves! She is an executive producer for MBM Picture Studios, Inc. Insiders say that Peggy doesn’t get along too fabulously with anyone on the set.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Semi-trendy business casual attire. Clapboard as an optional prop.

London Wilton
Heiress & Reality Television Personality
Everyone is growing tired of the media exposing London Wilton’s troubles…especially the Hollywood elite! This is one famous diva that never had to lift a finger to become a celebrity…and the real celebs of Hollywood have anything but respect for her! Pampered Princess sums up this Hollywood socialite!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous evening gown. Small, stuffed dog as an optional prop.

Janica Alba
Hollywood Actress
Janica Alba is the ultimate femme fatale heroine on the Hollywood big screen. It’s ironic that off the set, this ‘tough as nails’ action movie actress is a hopeless romantic who’s in secret love with…well, everyone she meets! The beautiful Janica, however, has a major problem with bad manners which seems to drive those close to her far away!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous attire – evening gown and hair in an updo.

Jesca Simpson
Pop Idol and Aspiring Actress
This sarcastic-tongued Texas native is currently one of the most famous pop idols in America. Not known for having a brilliant I.Q., this air-head will shock you with her less than intelligent questions!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous attire – evening gown and hair in an updo. *Hair should be long, big and blonde.

Annie Hadaway
Hollywood Actress
Cuckoooooo!! Is that a clock or is it Annie Hadaway’s brain? This former fashion model was voted by People magazine as one of the most beautiful people in the world! Too bad there wasn’t a list of the zaniest actresses in Hollywood as she’d definitely top that list as well!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous attire – evening gown and hair in an updo.

Tele N. Ewe & colleagues
Investigative Field Reporter
Tele N. Ewe is always on top of the latest story… sometimes before they even happen! She’s an ultra-ambitious investigative reporter for the television station CBC and she will stop at nothing to be the first to get the scoop. She’s rarely seen without a troupe of her co-workers from CBC News.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy business suit with an optional fake microphone that has a CBC logo on it. Also, a note pad and pen to take interview notes.

Jesse Wisenburg
Hollywood Actor
Jesse is relatively new to the Hollywood A-List and is known for the fashion nightmares he wears on the red carpet. Unstable and crazy sum up this young star. People often don’t appreciate his brutish sense of humor as he speaks his mind without a care in the world of anyone else’s feelings. Jesse is also a known blackmailer of other Hollywood personalities and he does it for fun. With the success of his recent movies, he obviously doesn’t need the money.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Dress completely atrociously – non-matching, non-fitting, etc.

Smith Williams
Hollywood Actor and Film Producer
Smith Williams is one of Hollywood’s finest and an outstanding role model for everyone. He is an established and top grossing film star but a notorious one-upper in conversation. Just be aware that if you are talking to the perfect Smith Williams…he’s done it more and definitely better than you did. And, it’s true - he doesn’t tell stories - he has done more and definitely better than most!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Perfectly fabulous attire – tux or a suit.

Lauton Taylor
Hollywood Actor
He’s tough as diamonds in the movies, but in reality, this cliché spewing Hollywood star is a real pushover! Everyone knows that he’s the ultimate puppet to his mother who doubles as his manager. This guy’s shallow on the surface, but has a deeper analytical side with a full bag of tricks up his sleeve. You never know what to expect out of this mama’s boy. That is, unless you’re his mother!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Fabulous attire – tux or a suit.