It  is going to be a slammin' St. Paddy's Day this  year and the Shakin' Shamrock Pub is going to rock n' roll with a full house of intriguing Irish gents and ladies.  

Unfortunately, it's well known that some of the customers have a scandalous past and don't get along with each other, but everyone is claiming that it will be different this year and they will try their best to have fun and ignore their archenemies.  





 Blarney’s Burger Tavern Chef

Paddie Berger is the hard working chef at Blarney’s Burger Tavern.  A compulsive liar even when the truth is better, this burger flipper is a known cheater during board games…so beware if you ever play a game against this master of deceit!


Any fast food uniform and an apron as an optional prop.


 Car Salesperson

You’d wonder how this crabby, introverted car salesperson ever makes a sale!  However, Kommy is one of the top sales people at the local car lot!  Maybe s/he just scares people into buying a car?

Non-matching, tattered business suit.  Pictures of ‘cars for sale on the car lot’ as optional props.


 Chicken Farmer

 Fowler Fitzpatrick is the highly intellectual chicken farmer.  A dependable and loyal person, Foghorn is the friend to have.  That is…if the major obsessive-compulsive disorder doesn’t bother you.

Overalls with chicken feathers sticking out of everything.


 Late Night TV Host

Nora Nightshade is the mysterious yet overly friendly late night horror television hostess.  If you look beyond her gothic and somewhat monstrous appearance, she is one of the friendliest and dearest friends you can ever have.

A vampira costume.



Chek Flanagan is the ultra-eccentric banker.  Known to be quite frugal, Chek will drive you nutzo as s/he has to meticulously calculate everything out to the nearest quarter of a cent!

Business suit with a calculator as a prop.



 Surven Daly is the nerdy waitress at the Shakin’ Shamrock Pub.  She is quite the perfectionist so if you get seated in her section…you’ll be more than taken care of!

Any waitress uniform.  Wear your hair in pigtails and wear glasses with tape on the bridge. A notepad and apron as optional props.


Shakin’ Shamrock Pub Owner

Kathleen MacDermott is the moody and insensitive owner of the Shakin’ Shamrock Pub.  Nobody truly likes to be around Kathleen because of her violent mood swings but her Irish Pub is so awesome and is the place to be!

Business attire.


 Cafeteria Line Worker

Tator McSalsbury is the nosy cafeteria line worker at the neighborhood junior high school.  Tator knows everything about everyone as s/he eavesdrops on the kids during lunchtime.  Tator is one cafeteria worker that is no stranger to cuttin’ a rug as s/he loves to dance…constantly!

Hair net and a chef uniform with a spoon and spatula as optional props.



Murphy Brooks is the overly sensitive environmentalist and animal rights activist.  Murphy prefers to sing instead of talk and this can sometimes be quite odd if you’re engaged in a lengthy conversation.

A safari outfit with ‘save the environment / animals’ brochures as optional props.


 Motivational Speaker

 This hyperactive motivational speaker for teens, Morales McCarthy, is one super-paranoid individual!  Rumor has it that Morales actually believes the government is spying on him/her!

Business casual attire.  A box of aluminum foil as an optional prop.



This ill-mannered vixen of the phone lines will ruin a relaxing night at home with her relentless telemarketing sales calls!  The regulars at the Shakin’ Shamrock Pub try to avoid Fiona Collins, as she’s the rudest regular customer at the Pub.

Any obnoxiously designed business attire with a head set as an optional prop.



Roxy O’Reilly-Rich is the snooty and very bossy heiress.  Her mansion is the only one of its kind in the neighborhood and even in the town, but nobody in town has ever been allowed inside!  The neighbors often wonder what this ritzy diva is hiding.

A semi-glamorous evening gown.  Money bags as optional props.


 Major League Soccer Player

Socco Shanahan is the neighborhood athlete and major league soccer player.  He is bluntly honest, so if you don’t want to hear the truth…don’t even speak to him!  Socco is also known to over-explain things to the extreme!

Any soccer uniform with a soccer ball as an optional prop.



Summer O’Keefe is the spunky lifeguard at the neighborhood swimming pool.  She constantly mocks people around her and has a reputation for being quite greedy.  Just don’t get into any situation where Summer could possibly take advantage of you…or you’ll lose!

Warm up suit with a whistle and binoculars as optional props.


 Book Store Clerk

Rita O’Bookaday is the antisocial bookstore clerk.  Rita is extremely judgmental of others and this tends to offend her customers at the bookstore.  Rita also has an intense fear of germs so getting too close to her is out of the question!

A conservative outfit with books as optional props.  Hair tied back in a bun with glasses.



 Flynn Watts is the most annoying ‘one upper’ in the neighborhood.  If you’ve done, said or tried anything - Flynn is certain to have done it more often, said it already and tried it twice!

Coveralls with any electric company logo on the pocket.



Hilar T. O’Shea is the ultra-outgoing and sugary sweet local comedian.  Hilar performs twice a week at the neighborhood comedy club.  If Hilar’s around…everyone is laughing.  He usually doesn’t go anywhere without his best buddies and fellow comics from the club.

A t-shirt with a humorous saying on it with blue jeans.


 Professional Moocher

Takey McTakerton has been unemployed ever since he inherited his home from his great grandmother years ago.  He borrows money for his living experiences and everyone is paranoid when they talk to Takey as he’ll be sure to hit them up for a loan.  As ducks fly with ducks, Takey usually has a group of his fellow mooches with him and they all have an irritating habit of impersonating animals.

Too-sizes too small white sleeveless t-shirt with stains on it and jeans.  An empty wallet as an optional prop.


 Local Lounge Singer and Aspiring Pop Idol

Lori Cingabar is an aspiring pop star and local lounge singer.  She believes she is extremely talented but hasn’t been lucky enough to find her big break yet.  Lori is a serious perfectionist and if there’s ever a need for a peacemaker…she’s your girl.

Lounge singer attire - an evening gown or pop idol outfit.  A wild colored wig as an optional prop.


 Rodeo Cowboy

If there were a movie named ‘Cowboy and a Gentleman,’ Tex Bultamer would have the starring role.  Chivalry is still alive and well according to Tex as he ‘hands the world’ to the ladies. However, Tex is a no-nonsense type of cowboy and tells it how it is!  If you don’t want to hear the truth, stay clear of this good ‘ole boy.

Any cowboy (western) attire.  An optional prop is a toy gun.


 Professional Gardener and World Traveler

Sylvia Plance is the most adventurous soul you’ll ever meet.  A real jet setter, talented gardener and nature lover, Sylvia has traveled around the world and experienced cultures and cuisine that most will only ever see on exotic television shows

Casual attire, hair pulled back into a ponytail.  Gardening gloves, flowers and a small gardening shovel as optional props.


 Hair Stylist

The trendy Karan O’Hare is the town’s ‘go to guru’ on fashion and style.  She happens to be a great listener as well the best hairstylist in town!  Recently, her books have been filled to the brim and it’s taking her customers months to get an appointment!

A trendy outfit with a hair-cutting apron as an optional prop.  A teasing comb and a hand-held mirror as additional optional props.


 Police Officer

You’ll wonder how this crabby, introverted police officer ever thought s/he could protect and serve.  Surprisingly, Officer Nelson is one of the most highly decorated officers at the police department!  One likely scenario is that Officer Nelson has simply intimidated everybody at the station and everybody does what s/he says to do.

Police uniform or dark colored clothing with a badge / police hat as an optional prop.


 Police Officer

Officer Nelson is rarely seen without a fellow troupe of officers.

Police uniform or dark colored clothing with a badge / police hat as an optional prop.