In the enchanting town of Emerald Valley, St. Patrick’s Day is the favorite holiday of the year. The townspeople prepare all year for the big day of parades, parties and award celebrations. Each year, the city grants the coveted Irish Spirit award to the person who displays the most Irish spirit by their attire, actions, and overall attitude. The award is sponsored by The Lucky Pub – a popular hot spot in the town, and the victor receives a full year of free beverages from the pub!

Aisling Angus, a sociable veterinary technician, is organizing a block party on Jade Street. The neighborhood is bustling with activity as they all prepare for the party. However, many of the neighbors are in the midst of scandals and fiery disputes and this may not be a good time for celebration. Nonetheless, the neighborhood has decided not to ruin the honored day in March that they all wait for, and have decided to press on with the yearly affair. You are one of the neighbors and are not excited about being around some of the other party guests during your favorite holiday. Nevertheless, you’ve decided to make the best of it for the good of the neighborhood. This is where your story begins.











Amusement Park Ride Operator 

Carney Vale is the boisterous amusement park ride operator at Irish Funland Amusement Park in Emerald Valley.  Carney constantly mocks people and has a reputation for being quite greedy.  Don’t get into a situation where Carney could take advantage of you, or you’ll lose!

A leprechaun costume with a nametag that says Irish Funland. 




Fiona O’Gill is the ultra-feminine heiress.  Her iconic family owns most of the real estate in Emerald Valley, and she is catered to hand-and-foot.  Fiona is an infamous drama queen, so have tissues in hand for this emotional diva!  Choose your words carefully around her if you don’t want to make her cry - or worse – throw a tantrum! 

 A glamorous green evening gown with an elegant yet festive St. Patrick’s day hat.  Money bags as optional props. 



Professional Victim


Axi Dente is the ultra-creative professional victim.  At times, this clumsy diva can be a very meticulous and impatient woman.  She earns her way in this world by mysteriously causing accidents and winning lawsuits about them.  Rumor has it that she might have her own reality show in the works.

 Business casual attire with multiple bandages on your head, arms, legs, etc.





Aisling Angus is the highly cerebral vet tech.  A dependable and loyal person, Aisling is the friend to have, especially if you love animals.  Aisling only works a few hours of the day with the animals at Emerald Valley Animal Hospital, so Aisling is often found having fun in the pubs around town.

Lab jacket and fun St. Patrick’s day spirited accessories such as a hat, bow tie, necklaces, etc.



Reality TV Star 

Whitney Whatley is the brazen and beautiful reality television star on the hit television show Whitney’s World.  She loves to flaunt her ink and is uber-intolerant of moronic behavior.  Don’t make this tiny star angry unless you want to bathe in your beverage.

Trendy, alternative attire.  Long blonde wig and tattoos (temporary ones will do).



Pastry Chef


Brogan Shea is a friendly baker that has an intense fear of the government and often rants about conspiracy theories.  Brogan’s fellow employees often speculate that s/he wraps foil around windows, television antennae or anything else to prevent the government from spying on him/her.  Let’s all hope s/he keeps the foil out of the cupcakes.

 Baker’s uniform – white shirt and pants with an optional chef’s hat.



Retail Sales Manager


Saxen Sails is the self-centered retail manager of The Jade Brigade – a contemporary Irish clothing store.  Saxen loves to recite St. Patrick’s Day poems because s/he says it makes her feel happy, like s/he’s a child again. 

Any green or St. Patrick’s day inspired costume.  Optional to have a nametag with The Jade Brigade on it. 



Animal Rights Activist 

Sinead Clery is the blatantly honest animal rights activist.  No stranger to picket lines and protests, she is a gregarious and opinionated young lady.  She tells the truth no matter what, so if you want to know the facts about something, head straight for Sinead. 

St. Patrick’s Day inspired attire.  Picket sign (i.e. no fur, save the whales, etc.) as an optional prop.



Cafeteria Line Worker


Kale Crubeen is the nosy cafeteria line worker at Emerald Valley Elementary School.  Kale knows everything about everyone as s/he eavesdrops on the kids during lunchtime.  Kale is no stranger to cuttin’ a rug as s/he is constantly dancing!

Hair net and a chef uniform with a spoon and spatula as optional props.  Optional St. Patrick’s Day accessories (i.e. hat, bow tie, necklaces, etc.)




Darby Flanagan is the accident-prone waiter at the Pot O’Shrimp Shack in Emerald Valley.  Known to have a constant stream of bad luck, this ill-fated server certainly isn’t one to pick up any messes - or much less possess a shred of good manners.  This is definitely not someone you’d want to bring home to meet the parents!  Unless they own a charm school, that is!

 White shirt, black pants.  Optional to have a waist apron.  St. Patrick’s Day optional accessories (hat, bowtie, necklaces, etc.)






Dusty Mopse is the gorgeous maid from Los Angeles, California.  You’ve probably seen Dusty’s face smiling at you on a billboard next to the highway or even in your favorite magazine.  Nobody knows why Dusty gave up the quest for stardom in exchange for being a maid in Emerald Valley.  For the most part, Dusty is a friendly person, but tends to strut in the center of any walkway just to force others to walk around him/her. 

 Maid uniform and / or any clothing under an apron with rubber gloves.  Hair covered with a green bandana.






Ivey Stickman is the arrogant and notorious nurse at Emerald Valley Trauma Center.  Ivey vowed to take care of patients when s/he chose a career in the medical field, but ironically, Ivey doesn’t have a caring bone in his/her body.

Nurse uniform and /or any medical scrubs.  Optional to have stethoscope.  Optional to adorn yourself with St. Patrick’s Day accessories (i.e. hat, bowtie, necklaces, etc.)



Late Night TV Host


The recently widowed Norma Nightshade is the mysterious yet overly friendly late night horror television hostess.  If you look beyond her gothic and somewhat monstrous appearance, she is one of the dearest friends you can ever have. 

Gothic attire such as a flowing, black robe (maybe hooded), black lipstick, black wig and black fingernails.  A splash of St. Patrick’s day with a green clover headband.



Radio Disc Jockey


Redi O’Vibes is a hard-working radio disc jockey.  A compulsive liar even when the truth is better, this fast talker is a known cheater while playing games, so beware if you ever play a game against this master of deceit!

Casual attire.  Optional props are headphones and microphone (toy). St. Patrick’s Day optional accessories (hat, bowtie, necklaces, etc.)





Cheetah Hogan is the antisocial professional golfer that suffers from severe anger management issues.  Cheetah is extremely judgmental and this quality tends to offend the other golfers, officials and any spectators that may get in Cheetah’s way.  Cheetah also has an intense fear of germs, so getting too close is out of the question!

 Green polo style shirt and khaki pants.  Optional to have a golf hat and gloves.





Hailing from Bundenbach Germany, Charlie Porter is the ruthless concierge at The Drury Plaza Hotel in Emerald Valley.  Ask away if you need assistance while you’re a guest at the hotel, but think twice about double-crossing Charlie as s/he’s known for doing whatever it takes to get what she wants!

Suit of any kind and white (or green) gloves.  Optional to carry a bell with you.  Optional to have a green handkerchief in your pocket.



Event Planner



Murphy Donovan is the high-energy event planner and the only event planner in Emerald Valley.  This event guru is in serious love…with Murphy DonovanMurphy doesn’t pass up a mirror or other highly reflective surface without a quick admiration of his/her features.

Ultra-trendy attire.  Hair and makeup (if played by a female) must be perfectly overdone.  If played by a male, put an extra amount of gel in your hair and slick it back.)



Tattoo Artist


A walking anti-depressant medication ad, Bat Von Tats is the morose tattoo artist at Flan’s Tattoo Parlor in Emerald Valley.  Every sentence that spews from Bat’s mouth is negative, unenthusiastic and somewhat alarming.  A self-proclaimed pessimist, Bat spends all his/her free time in a darkened, dilapidated house on the edge of town writing sinister poetry. 

Green hair in a Mohawk (i.e. wig), tattoos (temporary ones will do), and alternative clothing.



Professional Poker Player



Chip Pokey is one of the most hilarious people you will ever have the pleasure of meeting.  Chip’s a knee-slapping amateur comedian at night and a highly skilled poker player by day.  Chip’s pals encourage him/her to pursue a career as a professional comic, as s/he always causes tears of laughter!

Trendy suit.  Optional to have poker chips and playing cards in every pocket.  Bring some jokes with you!  Optional to wear St. Patrick’s accessories (i.e. hat, bowtie, necklaces, etc.)



Massage Therapist



Originally hailing from Japan, the feisty Sam Shiatsu is the stubborn and overworked massage therapist at Relaxation Station Massage Parlor in Emerald Valley.  Sam is very blunt and anything but flexible.  It is best to stay on Sam’s good side if you prefer peace to war.

White shirt and pants.  Optional to have a nametag that says Relaxation Station.  Optional to wear St. Patrick’s accessories (i.e. hat, bowtie, necklaces, etc.)






Chauncey Couch is the overly romantic couch potato who originally hails from Ireland.  An avid poet, Chauncey is a loyal friend to have.  That is, if you don’t mind the intimate space breaches and constant fashion violations.  Do you hear the fashion police sirens going off?  Yup!  Chauncey just got dressed for the party!

Anything highly unfashionable.  Have fun with that!  An empty wallet as an optional prop.  St. Patrick’s accessories as optional props (i.e. hat, bowtie, necklaces, etc.)



Flight Attendant



Skyler Clouds is the cranky flight attendant for Emerald Airlines.  Skyler has a personal rule to say things only one time, but sometimes it is difficult to understand Skyler, as s/he speaks from the corner of his/her mouth.  Skyler prefers the solitary lifestyle.  However, townies believe that if s/he ever got into a relationship, Skyler would be a happier person.

 Green flight attendant costume or any green suit.  Optional to have a Leprechaun’s hat as an accessory.



Bank Teller 

Chek Nickelson is the ultra-eccentric bank teller.  Known to be quite frugal, Chek will drive you nutzo, as s/he meticulously calculates everything out to the nearest quarter of a cent!

Business suit with a calculator as a prop.  Green or St. Patrick’s inspired tie.






Quinn Ciao is a helpful receptionist for Callaghan’s Brewery – the biggest Irish brewery in the nation.  Quinn seems nice, but nobody really knows the true person lurking inside.  Rumor has it that Quinn might even be a tad shady.  Watch your back around this friendly greeter.

Business casual attire.  Optional to wear a nametag that says Callaghan’s Brewery.  St. Patrick’s accessories as optional props (i.e. hat, bowtie, necklaces, etc.)



Dental Assistant


Flossy Paste prefers to stand back in the shadows during social gatherings, as his/her exceptionally high I.Q. makes Flossy highly sensitive to his/her surroundings.  This behavior tends to make others feel uneasy, as it seems as though Flossy has ulterior motives.

Green (optional) dental/medical scrubs.  Optional to have dental floss and green toothbrushes as props.



Cryonics Technician



Dr. Freeze is the head cryonics tech at Emerald Valley Cryonics and the most annoying ‘one upper’ in town.  If you’ve done, said or tried anything cool, Dr. Freeze is certain to have done it more often, said it already, and tried it five times.  Dr. Freeze is new to Emerald Valley and hasn’t made many friends yet. 

 Lab coat, optional to have a nametag with Emerald Valley Cryonics on your lab coat.  St. Patrick’s accessories as optional props (i.e. hat, bowtie, necklaces, etc.)



Knife Salesman


Cutty Boards is the overly honest knife sales representative.  Cutty will tell the truth – even to his/her own detriment.  It’s great to have Cutty as a friend . . . that is, if you want to know the truth at all times.  However, sometimes, it may be best not to know certain things.

Business casual attire.  Optional to have toy knives with you as demo products.



Murder Mystery Author 

Drew Penblade is the gloomy murder mystery writer.  Drew is known to get physically angry when somebody mispronounces a word such as saying ‘pacific’ for ‘specific.’  Drew recently spent a night jail for starting a fight at the grocery store over the word ‘affidavit.’ 

 Dark, gothic attire.  Black wig, if you don’t already have black hair.




Tux Whitman is the antisocial mammalogist at the Emerald Valley Sheep Rescue.  Tux suffers from severe anger management issues and is extremely judgmental of people.  These nasty qualities tend to anger anybody that is around Tux for more than a minute.  Tux also suffers from an intense fear of germs, so getting too close to Tux is out of the question unless you are a sheep.

 Wilderness attire.  Pictures of sheep as optional props.  A bottle of hand sanitizer as an optional prop.



Pharmaceutical Trial Subject



Jeck Needles is the muscle bound pharmaceutical trial subject.  Jeck loves to talk about one thing and one thing only – Jeck Needles.  Jeck was a notorious high school bully many years ago.  Unlucky residents of Emerald Valley witness this type of behavior manifest when Jeck doesn’t get his/her way. 

Workout attire.  Draw multiple injection sites on your arms with strange reactions (i.e. blue streaks with eye shadow, draw a rash around the site with pink/red eye shadow, etc.)



CIA Agent


Jamie Bond is the mysterious government agent.  Nobody really knows the true Jamie, as she lurks in the shadows with hidden agendas.  If Jamie Bond attends an event, be certain there is an underlying reason for her presence, as she isn’t known for being a socialite.

Glamorous cocktail attire.  Toy gun strapped to a garter, holster on your leg or slipped into your clutch. 




Colleagues to Jamie Bond


The CIA operatives that work closely with Jamie Bond are a group of extremely loyal and dedicated federal agents.  They will stop at nothing to complete the mission at hand.

Glamorous cocktail attire for girls, tux/black suit for guys. Toy gun strapped to a garter, holster on your leg or slipped into your clutch for girls, holster with a toy gun for guys.





Dr. Bailey Bonetight is the self-proclaimed nerd and mathematician.  This math geek is employed by the National Space Exploration Organization (NSEO) to design and analyze new space station models.  Bailey is also a college professor part-time and the students fear Dr. Bonetight’s courses.  Dr. Bonetight isn’t the friendliest person, and often states that numbers are his/her only true friends.  Nerd attire.  Button up shirt, bowtie, sweater vest, hair tousled and thick glasses.  St. Patrick’s accessories as optional props (i.e. hat, bowtie, necklaces, etc.)



Pharmaceutical Chemist


Dakota Medson is the extremely talkative pharmaceutical chemist.  Dakota doesn’t get out of the lab often, and when s/he does, s/he is bursting with rapid vocal energy.  You’ll find it difficult to get a word in edgewise while in a conversation with this chatty chemist!

Very dirty overalls.  A toy shovel as an optional prop.  St. Patrick’s accessories as optional props (i.e. hat, bowtie, necklaces, etc.)



Wylie Diggs is the bossy gravedigger at Emerald Valley Cemetery.  Wylie has a shady past, as s/he was an infamous tyrant during high school.  Wylie’s reputation hasn’t improved much as s/he spends the days finding ways to terrorize the people of Emerald Valley. 

Very dirty overalls.  A toy shovel as an optional prop.  St. Patrick’s accessories as optional props (i.e. hat, bowtie, necklaces, etc.)


Pig Slaughterer




Hankie Swine is the arrogant and aggressive pig slaughterer at the Cloverleaf Pig Market.  Hankie Swine owns the only pig butcher shop in town and charges over market prices for meat.  Nobody’s seen the inside of the Swine mansion on the hill, and the curious townspeople often wonder what Hankie is hiding.

 White apron with blood splattered on it.  A toy butcher knife as a prop.  St. Patrick’s accessories as optional props (i.e. hat, bowtie, necklaces, etc.)