Originally hailing from France, Foxgang Luck moved to America and quickly rose to become one of the most famous fine dining chefs in the world. After a year of tremendous success, his long-time friend, Uma Vermon, decided to host a celebratory soire for Foxgang Luck at the La Tour D'Argent on the Seine River in Paris, France. Uma flew the invited guests to Paris and the guests arrived to the scenic Seine River in style. The celebration started with cocktails and delectable hors d'oeuvres. The guests mingled and broke the ice with fun French trivia questions. Then, the partiers took on an amusing French Expression Challenge while enjoying a scrumptious meal until...one of the guests was murdered! The guests rallied together to figure out whodunit until deciding to take a break from the intense investigation with a hilarious What French thing could I be? game. Uma Vermon called in a favor from an old friend at the City of Paris Crime Lab who performed a preliminary forensic analysis of the crime scene. This helped the investigation tremendously and the guests submitted their final guesses of whodunit to Uma. The guests took turns one by one accusing who they believed the murderer was and then to everyone's shock...the murderer confessed! While waiting on the police to arrive, the group entered a final challenge of Frenchtastic Charades. Overall, it was a fantastic night full of intriguing mystery and fun memories! That is...for everyone except the deceased & the imprisoned.




Marcy Dark
District Attorney
California criminals beware! Marcy Dark is the most notorious criminal prosecutor in the U.S.! She currently boasts about her career-long winning streak for the state of California! It looks like the 20-hour / 7-day work weeks are paying off for this legal diva! All work and no play seem to get Ms. Dark what she wants…at least on the surface it seems that way!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A business suit. A briefcase and glasses areoptional props. Hair should be worn in a professional style i.e. bun or twist.

Uma Vermon
Hollywood Actress
This pampered diva is the #1 actress in Hollywood. She is the top paid and the most sought after starlet. Her status often angers other Hollywood actresses who only get the chance to star in roles
that she turns down. This high maintenance movie star is lovely to be friends with as long as you’re not stealing the limelight from her, that is.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous evening gown. Sunglasses as an optional prop.

Foxgang Luck
Celebrity Chef
Oh, the delicious cuisine that this French native can concoct! Foxgang Luck moved to the U.S. and quickly became the ultimate fine dining restaurateur, cookbook author, caterer to the stars and reality television show host! He was lovingly nicknamed the Kitchen Houdini as his fabulous dishes seem to be created from magic!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Chef’s uniform. A spatula and whisk as optional props.

Bill Chinton
Former U.S. President
Bill Chinton is one of the most controversial former U.S. Presidents in history. He is not known for always making the right choices or saying the right things…but there is hardly a more charismatic man
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A business suit. A cigar as a mandatory prop.

Double ‘O’
Secret Service Agent
Originally from the UK, Double ‘O’ is a womanizing American secret government agent involved in dangerous and covert international operations. As serious as his job may be, this is one gun-wielding spy that knows how to pull a prank. He's a non-stop 'sneak' and you better watch your back.. literally!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A black suit and glasses. An earpiece and a fake gun are optional props.

Angeli Silencio
Infamous French Mime
Hailing from good ole’ Paris…the mysterious Angeli Silencio is an infamous mime. She earns money performing her mime routines at various tourist-ridden locations down the Seine river. She is the estranged sister of Foxgang Luck and the two haven’t spoken in years. He says she was once a well-known mushroom gardener (mycologist) who sold her gourmet mushrooms to the chefs of France. The rest of the family has no idea she switched to such an odd career of miming.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Derby hat, white makeup with black and red accents. A white & black striped shirt and black pants with suspenders.

Jayna Clark
Television Producer
Do it once and check it five times’ is Jayna’s motto! This obsessive television producer is the one to be around at a party as she gets the dance floor moving with her interpretive dance moves! She is the producer of the show Kitchen Houdini hosted by Foxgang Luck. Insiders say that those two don’t get along too fabulously.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A mismatched outfit with army combat boots. Hair should be messy and pulled back.

Whitney Shears
Eclectic Pop Star
Her newest hit single, ‘I swear I’m not crazy’, says all you need to know about Whitney! She’s in the midst of a 12-step program learning to control her severe bad-decision making problem. So, be
extra cautious when you are around this unpredictable pop diva!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A pop star costume with a fake (or real) microphone (either headset or hand held) as an optional prop.

Rambo Cruise
Hollywood Action Film Star
Rambo Cruise is one of the most famous Hollywood action film stars. He has brazen good looks and charm…but he is known to lack a tad in the academic sense. So call upon Rambo for an adventure…but definitely not for help solving a physics equation!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A trendy linen suit with a v-neck shirt underneath. Sunglasses as an optional prop.

D. Piddy
Entrepreneur and Rising Rap Artist
D. Piddy is the ultra-mysterious entrepreneur. This is one cat that’s always on the VIP list, the front row of any sporting event, and first on the guest list of the rich and famous! But nobody really knows
what kind of business that he’s made his fortune with! He also has a recent obsession with wanting to be a rap artist!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A flashy polyester suit with a furry oversized hat and gold chain with a dollar sign pendant. Fake money coming out of everywhere as optional props.

Ivanna Thump
American Businesswoman
Ivanna Thump is the ultimate corporate diva. Her father is one of the richest and most powerful men in the world and because of this…the money-laden diva gets whatever she wants! Rumor has it that Ivanna has so many personal assistants that she even has one with the sole duty of sweetening her cafe au lait!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Designer suit with bags of fake gold & money as optional props.

Lora Cingabar
Lounge Singer and Aspiring Pop Idol
Lora Cingabar is an aspiring pop star and lounge singer. She believes she is extremely talented but hasn’t been lucky enough to find her big break yet. Lora is a serious perfectionist and if there’s ever a need for a peacemaker…she’s your girl. That is,unless it involves Whitney Shears! Lora and Whitney are notorious childhood archenemies!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Lounge singer attire - an evening gown or pop idol outfit. A wild colored wig as an optional prop.

Karan O’Hare
Hair Stylist
The trendy Karan O'Hare is the 'go to' guru on fashion and style.  She happens to be a great listener as well the best hairstylist in town! Recently, her appointment books have been filled to the brim and it’s taking her customers months to get an appointment! She also works part time for a few television
stations styling the hair of celebrities for television shows.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A trendy outfit with a hair-cutting apron as an optional prop. A teasing comb and a hand-held mirror as additional optional props.

Sylvia Plance
Professional Plant Stylist and World Traveler
Sylvia Plance is the one of the most adventurous souls you’ll ever meet! A real jet setter, talented gardener and nature lover - Sylvia has traveled around the world and experienced cultures and cuisine that most will only ever see on exotic television shows! Sylvia is often hired by the Hollywood Elite to create beautiful flower gardens and design awe-inspiring landscaping to frame their estates!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual attire, hair pulled back into a ponytail. Gardening gloves, flowers and a small gardening shovel as optional props.

Dee Zeine
Interior Designer  
Dee is the ultra-creative interior designer. At times, this house stylin’ diva can be a very meticulous and impatient woman. She has designed most of the homes in Hollywood and is rumored to have her own reality show in the making!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Casual attire with smudges of paint on your face and hands. Paint swatch cards as optional props.

Baby Face O’Toole
Mob Boss –Northern Chicago Mob Outfit
Baby Face O’Toole is a loyal and dedicated Mob Boss of the Northern Chicago Mob Outfit. He is one of the most unpredictable gangsters from the northern side and his intolerance is legendary. Seemingly untouchable by the law, he is a long time friend of Bill Chinton and is quick to put an end to a fight. However, it’s usually with his trusty Tommy Gun.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A fedora, expensive (looking) suit, and wing-tipped shoes. Expensive looking costume jewelry (i.e. thick chain necklace, large diamond-faced watch, etc.) A plastic Tommy gun as an optional accessory.

Alexander Badenov
Uzbekistani Industrialist
The ultra-mysterious Alexander Badenov is no stranger to the American trash tabloids for rumor has it that this celebrity mogul dabbles in just about everything that’s illegal and depraved! Arriving in America seemingly penniless, this entrepreneur amassed wealth beyond the typical American dream…nearly overnight! The burning question is - who is this man and how did he earn his fortune?
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy designer suit (or tux) with very ‘rich looking’ accessories (real or fake). A golden jewel-adorned cane as an optional prop.

Dr. Isaac Einstein
There are two sides to Dr. Isaac Einstein and one side should be avoided at all costs! If you have something to offer Isaac, he will be your biggest supporter. However, if you cross Dr. Einstein,
his mean spirits will rise to the occasion to greet you. This doc suffers from a severe case of anxiety so those working in his laboratory have learned to evade Dr. Einstein on a bad day!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Wacky scientist attire. (I.e. crazy gray wig, lab coat, assorted scientific props such as beakers, calculators, weird gadgets, etc.).

Betty Boopie
Boutique Owner and Lounge Singer
Betty Boopie is the bubbly owner of the Boppity Bop Boutique. She is also an aspiring pop star and works as a local lounge singer at the Barnabé Bastille. She believes she is extremely talented but hasn’t been lucky enough to find her big break yet. Betty is a serious perfectionist and if there’s ever a need for a peacemaker, she’s your girl.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy attire – you own a trendy boutique and are a lounge singer. As an option, you can wear an elegant gown.