Dr. Larry Doom - the heir of the Doom estate and famous chemist - led a troublesome life full of misery, lies, and deceitful practices. After receiving some bad news from his doctor that he wasn't as healthy as a horse anymore, he reflected upon the past and of all of the evil things he had done to those close to him over the years. In a fit of regret, he begged Miss Crimson - his niece and the only one left in his good graces - to host a dinner for him at the Doom Mansion so he could resolve all the differences with those he had wronged in the past.






Dr. Grape
Physics Professor
Dr. Grape is the typical absent minded professor and old college acquaintance of the infamous Dr. Doom. He is also the estranged brother of the housekeeper of the Doom Mansion…Ms. Ivory.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Tattered suit, glasses, and a small chalkboard and chalk as optional props. Hair should be unkempt.

Miss Crimson
Miss Crimson is the beautiful and elegant niece of Dr. Doom and famous motion picture actress. She is the younger sister of Ms. Pheasant...however; they have been at odds for years.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Glamorous evening gown. Hair should be in an elegant hairstyle.

General Dijon
Military General and Avid Hunter
General Dijon is the one to keep order in any room. He is an avid military man and hunter. Rumor has it that he even sleeps with a grenade in one hand and a revolver under his pillow.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any type of military clothing. A fake revolver or shot gun as an optional prop.

Mr. Jade
Hair Tonic Salesman
The slimy Mr. Jade is one con man to stay away from for sure! It is rumored that he makes shady business deals with anyone who is fool enough to trust him!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any type of tacky suit with fake hair tonic bottles as optional props.

Ms. Ivory
Ms. Ivory is the sarcastic housekeeper in the Doom Mansion. She is a five time widow and despises any other women that associate with Dr. Doom…including his family!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any type of maid / housekeeper costume. A feather duster as an optional prop.

Ms. Pheasant
High Society Socialite
Ms. Pheasant is the extremely wealthy high society socialite. She is also the niece of Dr. Doom and older sister of Miss Crimson. She is an eight time widow and was the prime suspect in each of her deceased husbands’ murder cases.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A prim and proper appetizer dress. A bag of fake money as an optional prop.

Miss Gray
It is ironic that this legal diva that can only see the ‘black and white’ of things goes by the name of Miss Gray. She is the no-nonsense attorney of Dr. Doom and seriously lacks a shred of personality or sense of humor. Ouch!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A gray business suit with a briefcase as an optional prop.

Princess Fuchsia
Princess of Zamkiki
Princess Fuchsia is the outrageous ex-girlfriend of Dr. Doom and devoted frog collector. She hails from a small island off of the coast of South Africa called Zamkiki. She is an enthusiastic world traveler.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A princess costume with a tiara. A fake frog as an optional prop.

Chef Ginger
Executive Chef
Chef Ginger has a personality as spicy as his delectable dishes! This is one chef that will be the first to say it like it is! Nothing…that is…nothing gets by this knife wielding culinary genius!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A chef’s uniform. A spatula as an optional prop.