Talented beauties from around the nation are about to gather to compete for the honorary title of Miss Teen United States of America!  The reigning Miss New York is rumored to be the one to watch out for this year.  Rumor has it that she has perfected a smashing comedy routine for the talent competition that will be difficult to beat!
The contestants from each state will arrive on the red carpet and kick off the competition with an elegant evening gown modeling challenge. The contestants will show off their modeling skills as they display their stunning evening gowns to the judges. They will each be interviewed by the pageant director, Ms. Victoria Morningstar, as they reach the end of the runway.  After the evening gown competition, the beautiful contestants will compete in the high-spirited talent competition. The audience loves to see the contestants perform their unique talent routines. You are a contestant in the pageant and have been practicing all year for this big night!  This is where your story begins...


List of contestants: 

Daisy Bluebonnet - Miss Texas

Miss Texas is the least prissy of the contestants this year. She'd prefer to go fishing or play football than to put on make-up and model down the runway in her evening gown.  But this cowgirl loves to compete in the pageant to show off her rope tricks!

Sunny Shinedale - Miss Florida

The ever-lasting smile of Miss Florida melts the judges from the start! Miss Florida is a talented singer and guitarist who shines on the runway during the evening gown competition! Other competitors flock to hang around her warm personality. Sunny Shinedale also loves to make up songs about the situations around her and perform them for whoever will listen.

Poni Aloha - Miss Hawaii

The shy and reserved Miss Hawaii is one of the best Hawaiian dancers of her generation. She is part of one of the largest luau productions in Maui and is famous for her ever so graceful moves during her performances. She dropped out of the competition last year due to a toenail injury, but she's ready to compete this year! Poni Aloha loves to dance circles around her competitors - literally!

Candy Apple - Miss New York

Miss New York is the reigning Miss Teen United States and is the one to beat this year! Miss New York is the ultimate comedienne! From stand-up performances to pulling pranks, she is one of the most hilarious girls to be friends with. And it is always wise to stay on her good side!

Starr Golden - Miss California

This budding Hollywood actress might be a serious contender this year! The stunning and talented Miss California is known by her friends as a ‘ray of sunshine.’  She is one of the most friendly girls at the pageant and this beauty is nothing but positive!

Gretyl Gardenias - Miss New Jersey

Miss New Jersey performs with her puppets on many variety shows back home. When you talk to New Jersey, you're not sure who will answer you – Miss New Jersey or her puppet! Needless to say, Miss New Jersey is one of the most talented and entertaining puppeteers in the United States!

Gatoria Swampton - Miss Louisiana

Miss Louisiana is the most charismatic contestant at the pageant!  She’s multi-talented, but is best known for her awesome dance routines. Everyone adores Miss Louisiana as she is genuinely sweet and adorable!

Glitsy Cardman - Miss Nevada

Do you believe in magic?  Well, if you see Miss Nevada in action, we all know the answer to that!  This beautiful magician has all the right moves…magical ones that is!  With her own Las Vegas Magic show, this girl is the one to beat in the talent competition!

Cornelia Husker - Miss Nebraska

Miss Nebraska is one of the most cheerful and optimistic girls in this pageant. If anyone is in a foul mood or being negative, call Cornelia Husker over to correct it. Her presence alone makes everyone feel happy again! Miss Nebraska also loves to perform her awesome cheers to help people get in a fun mood!

Eskie Moe - Miss Alaska

The crowd is stunned when Miss Alaska performs her rap songs! She was the runner-up in the pageant last year. The other contestants should watch out because rumor has it that she's come up with a spectacular routine this year for the talent competition! Miss Alaska is known for being the spunky life of the party and when she speaks, it is always to a beat!

Sandia Cliff - Miss New Mexico

Sandia Cliff is an extremely intelligent academic and is one of the most brilliant contestants at the pageant this year.  She is a straight ‘A’ honor roll student and is often referred to as a genius by her teachers. In her spare time, she writes beautiful poetry and reads mostly novels on UFOs and aliens. 

Magnolia Jaxson- Miss Mississippi

Magnolia Jaxson is also known as ‘The Animal Whisperer.’  She has an uncanny talent with animals as they seem to all love her and do whatever she directs them to.  She is also a major gossip at her school so if you hear a silly rumor started about you; she probably was the one who started it. 

Dolly Knoxville - Miss Tennessee

When Dolly Knoxville is not volunteering at local charities, she is working out on a balance beam at her local gym.  Dolly’s gymnastics team has earned the National Championship Title for two years in a row! Dolly loves to sing more than she talks and is always looking to make sure people are watching her. She must be the center of attention in any crowd and is always performing. 

Libby Flickertail - Miss North Dakota

Libby Flickertail is one of the most wild and crazy contestants at the pageant. She has been in beauty pageants since she was a tiny baby. She is home-schooled and attends dance classes, singing classes and violin lessons every week. She also attends charm school and ball-room dancing class in the evenings. She is an extremely talented young lady and usually gets whatever she wants. 

Kara Tinn - Miss Maine

Kara Tinn is one of the most boisterous contestants at the pageant.  She is adorable and fun to be around and when she gets a hold of sugar…she goes crazy with energy!  Kara is known at her school for the trendy hairstyles that she creates.  This is one hair artist that will be a stylist for the rich and famous by the time she gets out of high school…no doubt!

Maple Manchester - Miss Vermont

Maple Manchester is the brainy and talented singer from the beautiful state of Vermont.  There’s hardly a book to be found that Maple hasn’t read, as she is an avid book reader.  She is well respected in the pageant community, a great listener, and is active with various statewide charities.