The Abby Manor Historical society is hosting the annual New Year's Eve masquerade charity event - The Abby Manor Masquerade Ball. The Abby Manor, built in 1842, requires constant maintenance and restoration due to the age of the estate and because it is the town of Anonville's treasured historical landmark. The Abby Manor Masquerade Ball is famous for its intriguing party guests and excitement during the evening as everybody, including the rich and famous, will show off their most fabulous masquerade masks and party attire! You have purchased a ticket to the ball, and this is where your story begins...






Yuna Verz
Yuna Verz is a seasoned Astronaut who sincerely believes that she has the highest IQ in the entire galaxy…and she just might be right! However, you should watch out for this brainy diva as she’s known to be quite touchy on occasion.

Sherlock Tracy
Homicide Detective
Sherlock Tracy is an infamous big city homicide detective. In recent years, he’s had a reality television crew following him around at the station for his new reality show, Big City Cops. The producers love it when Sherlock talks in clichés and performs rhymes…which he does constantly! It makes for good television!

Dolly Dee Seiner
Doll Designer
Dolly Dee is the ultra-feminine doll designer and dedicated friend to everyone. If you ever need a shoulder to cry on…her shoulder’s the one to choose! Dolly Dee’s known to give excellent advice and is the most comforting person around!

Mag Niffie
Dr. Mag Niffie is the rude, ill-mannered optometrist. Her address book is a barren wasteland as there’s not a lot of folks she can honestly call a friend…besides Bameril Lacrosse. Mag’s one hard person to get along with!

Bameril Lacrosse
Famous Chef
Bameril Lacrosse is the slightly quirky and high strung Portuguese celebrity chef, restaurateur and television personality. He’s best known for his five star restaurants in every hot spot around the globe as well as his hit television cooking show, The Essence of Bameril.

Jackey T. Pressen
Owner - Madison Dry Cleaners
Jackey Pressen is the fanatical owner of the busiest dry cleaners in town - Madison Dry Cleaners - lovingly named after Jackey’s favorite first grade teacher, Ms. Martha Madison. Jackey is fun loving, sentimental and loves to dance. Too bad Jackey lacks a shred of talent when it comes to cuttin’ a rug!

Cheque´ Penne
Originally hailing from France, Cheque´ Penne is a major conservative and ultra-quiet personal banker at the largest bank in town. People tend to spread strange rumors about Cheque´ since nobody truly knows him.

Pepper Keegrip
Television Producer
Pepper Keegrip is the neurotic television producer who sings her words in lieu of speaking them normally. She is the producer of both Bameril Lacrosse and Sherlock Tracy’s television shows and is known to be a majorly stressed out workaholic.

Blondie Fawn
Blondie Fawn cringes at the phrase has been as it is rumored that her time is nearly up on the Hollywood Scene. In her last movie role, she played a grandmother for the first time and this didn’t sit well with her ego as she’s only 40 years old! Blondie is known to be a tad delusional on occasion, so be careful during conversations with her.

Bryan Seafoam
Radio Disc Jockey
Bryan Seafoam is the outgoing radio disc jockey and host of the reality television show Big City Cops. You immediately know when Bryan Seafoam is in the room as his charisma fills the air…and he has a bad habit of projecting his voice extra loudly!

Mike Robes
Bioterrorism Researcher
Mike Robes is the infamous and overly-inquisitive bioterrorism researcher. He’s invented mind-blowing bioterrorism counter devices that you would never even imagine could exist! Some say he’s an utter genius! Mike’s also known to be a tad paranoid…so when you’re around him, try to make him feel at ease!

Bill Shananagan
NFL Coach
Bill Shananagan is the obnoxious NFL Coach of the Anonville Cheetahs. Known to be boorish and overly-bossy, this football coach is one to steer clear of at any gathering…except a football game, that is.

Roxy Rich
As long as you don’t mind being judged over and over again, Roxy Rich is the friend to have. Very opinionated and outspoken, this heiress is one of the biggest socialites in town!

Luke Fude
Food Inspector
Luke Fude is the one of the most hilarious gentleman you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. He’s a knee-slapping comedian at night and a critical governmental food inspector by day. Luke’s best pals beg him to break into professional standup comedy as he’s always the one to hurl everyone into tears from laughter!

Cha-Cha Merengue
Ballroom Dance Instructor
Cha-Cha is the beautiful and intriguing ballroom dance instructor. She’s a little hyperactive so it’s difficult for Cha-Cha to stand still…especially if there’s music playing! This fiery instructor dances incessantly! Where does she get all of that energy?

Pawnie McQueen
Professional Chess Player
Pawnie McQueen is the overly aggressive professional chess player. This is one Queen of the Knights that will tell you how it is with her blunt honesty!

Jamie Bond & Partners
Secret Agent
Jamie Bond is the ultra-mysterious government secret agent. Nobody truly knows who she works for and she often travels with her partners.

Tele N. Ewe & Colleagues
Investigative Field Reporter
Tele N. Ewe is the does what it takes investigative field reporter. Tele is no stranger to the eye of a tornado, a foreign battle ground, and even a riot or two! Tele will do anything to get the scoop! Sometimes, Tele is accompanied by fellow reporters…especially if there is a potential for a story to break out.

Jon Volta & his Entourage
On the silver screen since the tender age of five, this triple A-lister has become a major Hollywood icon. With a somewhat blemished personal life behind the movie scene, Jon’s had his share of scandals cross his path. He’s also known to be bluntly honest and quite tactless during normal be careful socializing with this gauche film star or his entourage!

The Jonas Family
Pop Group Musicians
The Jonas Family is an upcoming pop rock band who has recently come out of nowhere and hit the music scene with a bang! On stage, this is one group with high energy and is full of life but behind the scenes, they are a rather shy and reserved bunch. Some find this odd and quite mysterious.

Amagrosa Trump & her Bodyguards
Reality Show Star
Everyone is growing tired of the media scandals involving Amagrosa Trump as they always center on how she’s a tormenting bully to those around her! This is one famous reality show diva that’s famous simply from being tacky to her competitors during reality television shows. She is often called ‘E-squared’ by the Hollywood Elite derived from the words egotistical and evil as this sums up this Hollywood personality quite well! Since Amagrosa has made many enemies, she doesn’t go anywhere without her bodyguards.

Ramsey Gordon & his Sous Chefs
Television Personality
This seasoned cooking show veteran and restaurateur is known for his crabby attitude and foul temper. He’s a middle-aged star who is married to the love of his life…food. People often don’t appreciate his brutish sense of humor and he speaks his mind as he sees fit without a care of anyone’s feelings. Ramsey often travels with some of his Sous Chefs from his many restaurants around the world.

Abby Manor Historical Society Board Members
Board Members
The Board Members from the Abby Manor Historical Society are the high society elite. These socialites are always in the right place at the right time and know simply everyone that is important to know!