The Pilazzio Casino is the hottest hotel in Las Vegas and the place to be for international high rollers and the top echelon of Hollywood A-listers! The Pilazzio caters to the rich and famous with VIP gaming rooms and night clubs and to no surprise—Nad and Zangelina Hitt are hosting their annual soiree for a select few of the Hollywood elite. The who’s who of the tabloids are set to hit the red carpet in glamorous Vegas fashion to enjoy a glittering night full of challenging party games, delectable nibbles and juicy gossip straight from the celebrity grapevine – all while gambling away their fortunes at the high-limit tables. It is well known that Nad and Zangelina have an eclectic group of friends who do not run in the same social circles. Some of them have even had recent clashes in public and are involved in ongoing scandals. However, the Hitts hope they have delivered a stern warning to their pals that they are not to do anything to bring negative media attention on this night of relaxing glitz and glamour. You are a dear friend of Nad and Zangelina and have been invited to this exclusive celebration. You cannot stand certain others on the guest list, but have been stressed out by your grueling work schedule and are ready for a night of diamonds, cash and caviar. This is where your story begins.





Zangelina Holie-Hitt

 Hollywood Actress and Goodwill Ambassador

Zangelina is one of the top paid actresses in Hollywood and is the doting wife of Nad Hitt. Known to be a tad eccentric; this starlet sports a vial of her ex-husband’s blood around her neck. She is an avid collector of all things belonging to her husband’s ex-wife, Jennifer Anson. People find this obsession strange, but Zangelina is quite open about it and could care less the Hollywood gossips. This movie diva is lovely to be friends with - as long as you’re not stealing the limelight from her, that is.

Glamorous attire – evening gown and hair in an updo. A prop of a small container with red food coloring inside tied to a string and worn as a necklace.

Nad Hitt

 Hollywood Actor and Goodwill Ambassador

It’s no secret that Nad Hitt, a top Hollywood actor and wannabe comedian, plans to adopt over sixty children to start his own country on an uninhabited island. He plans on draining the family bank accounts to purchase an isolated island from the Australian government!  Already a father to 30 adopted children, Nad Hitt is one of the most handsome men in Hollywood and will soon give up the celebrity lifestyle to be the King of Nadland 

Fabulous attire – tux or suit. Multiple baby dolls as optional props.

Shady Gnomes-Bruise

 Hollywood Actress

The mysteriously calm Shady Gnomes-Bruise is the celebrity wife of Dom Bruise, a big Hollywood star and one of the richest people in America. Gossip travels like wildfire through the Hollywood grapevines about this couple’s weird habits - such as how Shady’s tied to Dom via a wrist leash and the only time she’s released is at night while he snoozes in his oxygen chamber! People just don’t understand how this could make Shady feel comfortable and loved…like Dom says it does.

Glamorous attire – evening gown with a stylish hairstyle.  A leash attached to the wrist and to Dom’s wrist (it can be a long ribbon) as a required prop.

Dom Bruise

 Hollywood Actor and Film Producer

The word peculiar isn’t strong enough for this Hollywood big dog!  Dom Bruise has starred in a hundred more movies than the average Hollywood Joe and is one of the richest people in America.  Desperately wanting to feel close to his wife Shady, he asks her to wear a wrist leash and he’ll be the first one to say that she likes it that way and it makes her feel safe. Another oddity of this star is that he constantly jumps on top of furniture and makes up funny rhymes when he gets excited!  The Hollywood crowd knows if you are inviting Dom to your place for dinner…get the plastic sheets out for protection!

Fabulous attire – tux or suit.  Since this character is crazy, you can wear an extremely flashy shirt (red sequined, etc) and dress pants.  Bring shoe booties if you plan on jumping on top of furniture.

Nindsey Noman

 Actress and Notorious Party Girl

This prior child actress has recently turned into a Hollywood wild child!  She’s constantly dancing to any beat and is often spotted by the media crawling around in night clubs! This young celeb has a problem with obsessive crushes on Hollywood men and it sometimes gets her into trouble. She knows that her father is a Hollywood actor, but doesn’t know who he is…but he seems to be the one to bail her out of snags with the law every time. The tabloids have said that her ‘daddy issues’ are what is causing her to go crazy.

Glamorous but tattered attire – a non-fitting evening gown. Any optional props that would make you appear as a ‘wild child.’

Prince Prawn

 Hollywood Actor

He’s tough as diamonds in the movies, but in reality, this cliché spewing Hollywood star is a real pushover!  Everyone knows that he’s the ultimate puppet to his newfound love, Meece Witherfork. This guy’s shallow on the surface, but has a deeper analytical side with a full bag of tricks up his sleeve. You never know what to expect out of Prince.  That is, unless you are Meece Witherfork! 

Fabulous attire – tux or a suit.

Meece Witherfork

 Top Grossing Actress in the U.S.

This pampered star is the #1 actress in Hollywood.  She is the top paid and most sought after movie star and sings more nowadays than she talks as she is looking to move to Broadway in the future.  Her status often angers other Hollywood starlets who only get the chance to star in parts that she turns down. However, this ultra-famous starlet has been distracted lately with her new beau and living marionette, Prince Prawn.

Glamorous attire – evening gown -  and a mirror to frequently check yourself with.

Wack Pickleson

 Seasoned Hollywood Actor

This seasoned Hollywood veteran is known for his void of a fashion sense.  Unstable and crazy sum up this middle-aged star as he’s currently dating an actress nearly 30 years younger than him - Beerstin Dunce. People often don’t appreciate his brutish sense of humor as he speaks his mind without a care in the world of anyone else’s feelings. Wack is also a known blackmailer of other Hollywood personalities and he does it for fun because he obviously doesn’t need the money.

Dress completely atrociously – non-matching, non-fitting, etc.

Uba Vermon

 Seasoned Hollywood Actress

Uba Vermon is one of the older Hollywood starlets at thirty five years of age and is enduring a downswing in her career that’s causing her to become increasingly paranoid. She is desperately trying to climb out of a slump after her last failed movie, ‘The Swampy Horror on the Mississippi’ where she played the role of a struggling waitress fleeing from an enraged swamp creature down the Mississippi River. Uba often finds herself feeling jealous of the younger upcoming actresses and everyone knows about her unhealthy obsession with Wack Pickleson.

Glamorous attire – evening gown -  with a big purse to steal things with as a prop.

Miami Bloom

 Hollywood Actor

Miami Bloom was once a top rated Hollywood actor...that is, until he did the gladiator movie ‘Roy.’  He feels that his character portrayed him as a huge wimp and he just can’t seem to get over it in real life.  He’s entrenched in a desperate search for his self esteem and he clings on to a tiny hope that Nindsey Noman will one day agree to go out with him...but only if he can find a friend to ask her out for him!  One day, maybe he’ll  find a woman that finds him interesting and manly again and it will help him get over the current funk he is in.

Semi-glamorous attire – a low key navy or brown suit (nothing flashy) – remember you have a low self esteem…so dress like it!

Beerstin Dunce

 Struggling Hollywood Actress and Singer

Beerstin Dunce was once a child star and is now trying to make a big comeback on the Hollywood scene.  She is dating Wack Pickleson and some say it’s only for his connections as he is nearly 30 years her senior.  She just finished filming a moderately budgeted movie, ‘Beetleman’, and looks to score even better roles in upcoming movies.

Cheap but glamorous attire – you are not a top paid actress so you can’t appear too fabulous!

Donnie Jepp

 Top Grossing Actor in the U.S

Donnie Jepp will be the first one to tell you when you’re not doing things right. His blunt honesty is actually charming to the ladies…well; everything Donnie does is charming to the ladies!  Strangely, this ultra mysterious fellow is left alone by the media and everyone in Hollywood wants to know his secret!  And an interesting rumor floating around is that Donnie doesn’t even walk, he glides!

Fabulous attire – tux or suit with a top hat.  This character is mysterious – so any props to make you appear mysterious (i.e. pocket watch, sunglasses, goatee, gloves, etc.)

Robert Frowney, Jr.

 Hollywood Actor and Musician

On the silver screen since the tender age of five, this triple A-lister has become a major Hollywood icon.  With a somewhat blemished personal life behind the movie scene, Robert’s had his share of scandals cross his path.  He’s also known to be bluntly honest and quite tactless during normal be careful socializing with this gauche film star!

Fabulous attire – tux or a suit with a real/fake goatee.

Whitney Shears

 Recording Artist and Entertainer

Whitney Shears is the American dream of a pop idol!  She rose to the top as America’s sweet heart when she was only seventeen but quickly plummeted to the bottom of the celebrity barrel soon after she married a money-grubbing back-up dancer in one of her music videos named Fed-X.  This outrageous star is known to be a media magnet that can’t even go to the grocery store without getting it all caught on film! No wonder this pop diva loves to prank everyone…she needs some type of stress relief!

Pop Idol Attire.  A pad of post it notes and a pen as a prop.


 Back-up Dancer and Husband of Whitney Shears

It’s no secret that Fed-X, a once struggling back-up dancer, has lived the high life since he married Whitney Shears.  It’s been a fun ride for him but recently, Whitney has spiraled out of control and their marriage is definitely on the rocks.  What will Fed-X do for cash if these two split up?  And ladies and gents, here’s another burning question…is Fed-X really a narcoleptic or is he just plain lazy?

A white sleeveless undershirt, ripped jeans and a bandana worn on the head.  A 5’O Clock Shadow on the face.

Rico Fabio

 Fashion Model & Upcoming Fashion Designer

Rico Fabio is well known for his high fashion men’s modeling career.  No stranger to the covers of fashion magazines or romance novels, this Italian heart throb is simply chic.  Recently, Rico has grown tired of modeling for other designers and has created his own fashion line, Not Butta by Rico…and it’s rumored to be utterly fabulous.

A very fashionable and trendy suit and a medium length blonde wig.

London Wilton

 Heiress & Reality Television Personality

Everyone is growing tired of the media exposing London Wilton’s troubles…especially the Hollywood elite! This is one famous diva that never had to lift a finger to become a celebrity…and the real celebs of Hollywood have anything but respect for her!  Egotistical & spoiled are the best words that sum up this Hollywood personality!

Glamorous evening gown.  Small, stuffed dog as an optional prop. A handheld mirror as an optional prop as you love to admire your features.

Bessie Deal

 Hollywood Actress

Bessie Deal is the ultimate femme fatale heroine on the Hollywood big screen.  It’s quite ironic that off the set, this ‘tough as nails’ action movie actress is a hopeless romantic who’s in secret love with…well, everyone she meets! The beautiful Bessie, however, has a major problem with manners which seems to drive those close to her away…far, far away!

Glamorous attire – evening gown and hair in an updo.