You've received an invitations to a mysterious dinner party in honor of the Golden Grove Historical Society at the Cadbury Mansion.  Some of the guests have never been invited to such an event, but they'll likely put on their best attire and arrive in style at the mansion.  You have your dinner party attire ready and this is where your story begins...



Victoria Anne Cadbury
Heiress of the Cadbury Estate
The beautiful Victoria Anne Cadbury is a prim and proper lady and heiress of the Cadbury Estate. Victoria has a slightly mysterious quality but is a gracious and welcoming hostess.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Elegant Victorian dress. Hair in an intricate up-do style.

Dustin Prince
Forensic Investigator at the Golden Grove Crime Lab
Dustin Prince is a very handsome and charismatic gentleman. He’s ideal in every way – someone you’d love to rush home to meet your parents. But once he’s home, he is nothing but a lazy couch potato with the most outrageous and appalling manners you’ve ever seen. Ladies, this is one package you don’t want to open!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: CSI outfit. Fingerprint brush and powder as an optional prop.

Helmsley Grantington
Butler of the Cadbury Mansion
If you looked up sarcasm in the dictionary, Helmsley Grantington’s picture would be next to the description. Helmsley is the self-loving butler with a slight over-exaggeration problem.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Butler’s uniform. A serving tray as an optional prop.

Chance Luminol
Director of the Golden Grove Crime Lab
Chance Luminol, an infamous Forensic Scientist from New York City, is new to Golden Grove as he just accepted a position as the Director of the Golden Grove Crime lab. Egotistical is the one word that sums up this celebrity doc.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Forensic investigator uniform. Any type of scientific equipment (i.e. test tubes, etc.) as optional props.

George Thomas Cadbury, III
Son of Victoria Anne Cadbury
George Thomas Cadbury is the son of Victoria Anne Cadbury. Known as the strong and silent backbone of the Cadbury Mansion, this high society gent is the one to go to if you need anything from the Cadburys.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Cutaway knee length frock coat, bowler hat and high collar with bow tie. A monocle as an optional prop.

Sara Aupare
Nursemaid of the Cadbury Children
Sara Aupare is the quiet and demure caretaker of Cadbury children. She has been a faithful and devoted nursemaid to the Cadburys for many, many years.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Conservative long dress. A stocked diaper bag as an optional prop.

Appolonia Spectrals
Paranormal Investigator at Golden University
Appolonia Spectrals is the mysterious paranormal investigator from the local university. Given her field of choice, Appolonia Spectral has a rather unpredictable sort of behavior. She is a graduate student that is very young and very broke.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Strange clothing. Any type of strange ‘measuring devices’ (can be made out of cardboard) as optional props.

Tracy Fibers
Forensic Lab Tech at the Golden Grove Crime Lab
Ms. Tracy Fibers is the leading trace evidence technician in the field of forensic science. She is extremely talkative and is known to go on wild tangents about random events when she is engaged in conversations with others. It is probably because she’s more used to hanging out with microscopes than actual people.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Lab coat with glasses and forceps and baggies as optional props.

Elizabeth Cadbury
Wife of George Cadbury, III
Elizabeth Cadbury is the daughter in law of Victoria Anne Cadbury and the wife of George Cadbury, III. She has led a pampered life and is easily incensed if she doesn’t get her way.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Elegant Victorian dress. Hair in an intricate up-do style.

Miss Beatrice Marmson
Teacher at Golden Grove Elementary School
Miss Beatrice Marmson is the no-nonsense school teacher at Golden Grove Elementary. She teaches a strict curriculum in her kindergarten class and doesn’t put up with a shred of nonsense in the classroom or out!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Conservative long dress. An apple and a ruler as optional props.

Sheriff Andrew Fife
Sheriff of Golden Grove County
You would never guess that such a meager self-questioning man could climb his way into such a high ranking position as Sheriff of Golden Grove! Sheriff Andrew Fife is a kind hearted gentleman, but with a self esteem approaching absolute zero!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Sheriff’s uniform. Sheriff’s badge and toy gun as a prop.

Watson Sherlock
Homicide Detective of Golden Grove Police Department
Watson Sherlock is a tiger at the scene of a crime, but off the scene, he’s a total pushover. He’s shy and reserved but his English accent is more than enough to win over the ladies…that is, until he does one of his annoying yet infamous impersonations of Norman Bates from the movie Psycho.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Detective clothing. A magnifying glass and notepad as optional props.

Dr. Newton Albert
Physicist at Golden University
Dr. Newton Albert is an outstanding member of the high IQ society – Mensa International. He is the leading researcher in the field of the quantum effects of ESP and Telekinesis. He is out to prove that a human mind is a much more powerful organ than previously believed.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A nerdy professor outfit with unkempt hair. Optional props are pocket protectors filled with pens, taped glasses, and physics journal articles sticking out of the pockets.

Ima Gudsweeper
Chambermaid of the Cadbury Mansion
Ima Gudsweeper is a woman of many personalities. Some say that Ima suffers from schizophrenia but insiders say her multiple personalities are due to boredom and loneliness from her position as the chambermaid at the Cadbury mansion.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Maid uniform. A feather duster as an optional prop.

Tele N. Ewe & Her Crew
Investigative Field Reporter for CBC News
Tele N. Ewe is always on top of the latest story… sometimes before they even happen! She’s an ultra-ambitious investigative reporter for the television station CBC and will stop at nothing to be the first to get the scoop.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Business casual attire for a reporter. A microphone (real/fake) and / or a notepad and pen as additional props.

Cooper Anderson & His Crew
Investigative Field Reporter for RBC News
Cooper Anderson is always on top of the latest story… sometimes before they even happen! He’s an ultra-ambitious investigative reporter for the television station RBC and will stop at nothing to be the first to get the scoop.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Business casual attire for a reporter. A microphone (real/fake) and / or a notepad and pen as additional props.

Jamie Bond
FBI Agent
Jamie Bond is a secret government agent and the ultimate femme fatale. On the surface, Jamie appears to be the typical high society socialite…but her close circle of friends know her true identity…a highly dangerous federal diva.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: An evening gown with a toy gun strapped to a garter belt as an optional prop.

Marcy Dark
District Attorney
Golden Grove criminals beware! Marcy Dark is one of the most notorious criminal prosecutors in the history of Golden Grove! She currently boasts about her career-long winning streak and it looks like the 20-hour / 7-day work weeks are paying off for this legal diva! All work and no play seem to get Ms. Dark what she wants…at least on the surface it seems that way!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A business suit. A briefcase and glasses are optional props. Hair should be worn in a professional style i.e. bun or twist.

Paul A. Tishon
Mayor of Golden Grove
Paul A. Tishon is the quintessential politician. Only carefully calculated words ever leave his politically correct lips and his every action is geared towards gaining votes in the next Mayoral election.

Chief Clint Callahan
Police Chief of the Golden Grove Police Department
Chief Callahan is known to be a righteous vigilante who will cross over to the unethical side of the law if he needs to serve justice to a criminal. This is one outspoken police chief who knows how to cut through red tape…even if that means taking the law into his own hands!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Police uniform. Toy (fake) gun as a prop.

Professor Apari Shone
Ghost Chaser
Professor Shone is a light-hearted professor from the Paranormal Psychology department at the local university. This spirit-seeking entrepreneur owns a lucrative ghost chasing side business and is known to often get in way over her/his head.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Business casual with unkempt hair and glasses. Optional to wear a ghost costume.

William Ernest Cadbury
Son of Victoria Anne Cadbury
William Ernest Cadbury is the youngest son of Victoria Anne Cadbury. William is known to be a tad overzealous on occasion and it is rumored that he and his brother George Thomas Cadbury do not get along too fabulously.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Cutaway knee length frock coat, bowler hat and high collar with bow tie.

Eve Dance
Forensic Lab Intern
Eve Dance is the high energy Forensic Lab Intern at the Golden Grove Crime Lab. She has moved all of the way from Australia for the chance to be mentored by Dr. Chance Luminol!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A lab coat and any type of scientific props (i.e. test tubes, beakers, gloves, etc.)

Delphine Graves
Paranormal Investigator, Golden University
Delphine Graves is the uber-wealthy paranormal investigator from Golden University.  She is a graduate student, but lives off a hefty trust fund.  She gets whatever she wants, and the other students at the college don’t get along with her.  She claims they are all jealous of her
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Trendy gothic attire. Any type of strange measuring devices (can be made out of cardboard) as optional props.