The Mystery on Bootstrap Bluebeard's Pirate Ship

Late one foggy night on the open sea, the helmsman of the ominous pirate ship the 'Black Cloud' unintentionally steered the ship smack dab into a large rock. The ship's carpenter, Jolly Flinklocker, estimated the repairs to take at least 8 months. Moments after the ill-fated accident, the Captain of the 'Black Cloud', 'One-eyed Willy' Swashbuckler, received word that the notorious yet mysterious Captain Bootstrap Bluebeard was growing tired of the open sea and was planning on joining the ranks of the dreaded land lubbers. Captain Bluebeard's message instructed that he would immediately search for a pirating crew with enough looting, plundering and treasure seeking experience to be worthy of his beloved ship, the S.S. Treasure Hunter, that he victoriously acquired many, many years ago. The message said that the first crew to solve the mystery aboard the S.S. Treasure Hunter would earn the all rights to the ship as well as the legendary treasures hidden within.

You are a pirate and have a chance to earn the rights to sail the S.S. Treasure Hunter... and to find the hidden treasure in the ship! Arrrrr, this is where your story begins.


Name & Rank                  Description                           Costume Suggestions


 Captain of the ‘Black Cloud’

The charismatic Jolly Flintlocker possesses of the most brilliant minds in the open sea.  This buccaneer can repair anything from a parrot’s beak to the ship’s engine!  Just stay on Jolly’s good side, though, because sometimes too much information can be a dangerous thing!

Cream-colored puffy sleeved pirate shirt, dark brown vest, orange sash type belt, dark brown pants, boots and a pirate hat.  A fake sword and an eye patch are optional props.


 Buccaneer & Cook on the ‘Black Cloud’


Drake Breadbeard belongs in a King’s palace with his exceptional skills in the kitchen. The crew of the ‘Black Cloud’ doesn’t realize how lucky they are!  Drake has a funny quirk…he loves to rhyme his words while he speaks. He thinks it gets him into a rhythm and makes him cook better.  Those around him find it quite hysterical at times.

Long pirate-style jacket with button up pirate-style shirt underneath.  A bandana should be tied around the head and fake pirate earrings as props.


 Helmsman of the ‘Black Cloud’


John Redbeard is the trusty helmsman of the ‘Black Cloud.’  Nothing can go awry if this buccaneer is navigating through the open waters.  However, never distract John Redbeard or his attention deficit disorder might get him off track…and off course!

Brocade vest with a cream colored puffy sleeved pirate shirt underneath. Long coat, pirate hat with a feather and boots. An eye patch, fake earring, and a fake pirate pistol are optional props.


 Buccaneer & Look Out of the ‘Black Cloud’


This blood-hungry tyrant is the look out on the ‘Black Cloud.’  Known to be a prankster, this buccaneer has made his way to the plank a few times in his pirating career but always mysteriously manages to find his way back to the ship…unharmed! 

Cream-colored puffy sleeved pirate shirt, black vest, green sash type belt, long black pants, boots and a pirate hat.  A fake sword and an eye patch are optional props.


 Second Mate of the ‘Black Cloud’


Walker D. Plank is not your typical pirate!  This Second Mate would rather be cuttin’ a rug than plundering.  If music can be heard, this pirate will show off some highly skilled dance moves. Rumor has it that this pirate’s even taken a deck mop out for a tango dance or two.  So watch out if this buccaneer ever makes it to the dance floor!

White puffy sleeved pirate shirt, cream colored vest, white and cream striped sash type belt, brown pants, boots and a pirate hat.  A fake sword and an eye patch are optional props.


 Third Mate of the ‘Black Cloud’


Blade Bones is the clumsy Third Mate of the ‘Black Cloud.’  Don’t let this klutzy pirate get too close to you for too long!  The way things have been going for Dagger lately, this pirate will most likely make the sky fall down next!

Cream-colored puffy sleeved pirate shirt, dark colored vest, sash type belt, dark pants, boots and a pirate hat.  A fake sword and an eye patch are optional props.


 Deck Hand of the ‘Black Cloud’


The outspoken deck hand, Ashe ‘The Dagger’ Easton is a force to be reckoned with.  Any unnecessary messes or scuffles on the deck will land you flat on your back with your ears ringing for days.  This is one deck hand that knows her job and takes control of her scene. 

Lace-up pirate style dress, sash type belt and a matching sash type head band.  A fake sword as an optional prop.  Rhinestone eye patch and a fake parrot sewn to the left shoulder of the costume are optional accessories.