It is the year 2099, and the demented Genesee Glasco, a quintillionaire heiress and first world ruler, is hosting the ultimate retro gala. The steampunk-themed affair will be held at the awe-inspiring Hematite Palace in the world’s new capital – Glasco Megalopolis. Using her newest invention created by a collective effort from the world’s top scientists, she has hand-selected her guests from past icons, legends and even infamous villains.

The denizens of the world have been on the edge of their seats watching the planning stages of the first world-wide extravaganza unfold on their nuclearvision devices! For the past sixteen days, the befuddled faces of the honorary guests have been publicized as they endured the excruciating journey from the past to the main platform of the Time Travel Epicenter of Glasco Megalopolis. The historical attendees have not been briefed on why they were brought into the future, and are being isolated in unknown locations within Diamond City while they await the night of celebration.

Nobody knows what Genesee specifically has planned for the gala, but this party is undeniably a world’s first. Regrettably, you are one of the icons that have suffered through the painful transport from the past. You feel disoriented and are quite mystified why you have been brought to this strange, wondrous place and why they are not allowing you to leave. This is where your story begins.






World Leader




Genesee Glasco is the demented quintillionaire and the first world leader in history.  Genesee recently inherited her estate from her late father, a notorious tyrant, who died from a mysterious poison. Some say that Genesee may have played a hand in her father’s demise, but with her tremendous power, the world will never know.  Genesee rules the world by intimidation, might, and manipulation.

Futuristic blinged-out royal-inspired gown.  Whitish-blue long-haired wig.  Large gemstone (costume) jewelry, as your character loves gemstones, owns the world, and money is of no object to her.


Former U.S. President




President Renji Bon was the final U.S. President in history.  Upon his unexplained death in the year 2098, Genesee Glasco took over the reigns as not only the new leader of the United States, but of the world.  Renji was a courageous leader and was the first president in history to be elected with a unanimous vote.  He has been deeply missed by all citizens of what was the former United States.

Futuristic military uniform – black leather, etc. In the ‘future’, the U.S. Presidents were the true leaders of the armed forces and served on the front line.  Use futuristic toy weaponry as optional accessories – be creative.





Uvey Xo is a well-known physicist that departed this world well before her time at a young age of 25 years.  Rumor has it that Rufus Glasco, Genesee’s late father, hired an assassin to execute Uvey because she refused to work for him to create the world’s first time machine.  Uvey publicly held firm that the creation of a time machine would be the beginning of the end of the world and that she would have no part in its creation.  She paid the price for this statement with her life.

Futuristic lab uniform.  Safety goggles and ear protection as optional accessories.


Russian Tsar



 Ivan the Horrible was the former tyrannical Russian tsar until his death in 1590.  Ivan was a multifaceted ruler – intelligent, albeit prone to maniacal eruptions that were possibly due to an undiagnosed mental disorder.  Ivan’s acts against humanity include slaying an entire town and even murdering his own son to further his stratagem.  Somewhat a political genius, Ivan was able to turn 16th century Russia into a world superpower – however, he accomplished this feat with the blood of his people.

Lavish Russian ceremonial dress such as a beaded, satin, pearl-cuffed gown with a jewel-studded and fur-edged hat. You would have spared no expense, so the more adorned your costume is, the better.  




Hollywood Icon




Merry was the most celebrated blonde bombshell of the ‘50s. She was a trained actress, model and quickly rose to a household name during her years in the spotlight.  She transcended black and white film to Technicolor, exposing her beauty even more to an audience of millions.   Even today in 2099, women across the globe model themselves after her iconic appearance.

Either a white halter swing dress or a pink, satin evening gown with long evening gloves and a bow on the back.  Blonde, curled, short-haired wig.  Heavy eye makeup and red lipstick to complete the look.


German Theoretical Physicist




Alfred Einstein, celebrated as the world’s premiere thinker, was the first superstar scientist in history.  Typically seen with a pipe in his mouth, Alfred was quick to spew out a formula to explain any phenomenon.  Alfred was highly dedicated to his work and earned a Nobel prize for his accomplishments in physics.  Einstein had trouble with personal relationships in his life, having a child out of wedlock that was sadly given up for adoption to save his career.

Gray, unkempt shoulder length hair.  Heavy, unkempt eyebrows.  Suit with a bowtie to complete your look.  Small chalkboard and chalk for mini physics lectures as optional accessories.


Dutch Belly Dancer and International Spy





Madra Harri was a Dutch belly dancer who turned into an international spy during World War I.  A neutral citizen of Holland, Madra formed relationships with military men across Europe, providing top-secret information received from her courtships with both British and French intelligence.  Madra was entangled within her web of deceit when she was apprehended and accused of being a double agent for Germany.  She was executed via a firing squad by the French government in 1915.



Belly dancer costume. Beaded bra-style top with hanging coins.  Chiffon multi-layered performance skirt with a dropped, embellished waistline. Gem-adorned headpiece to match. Heavy, alluring makeup and beaded bracelets and dance zills as optional accessories.


Dutch Painter



Born in the Netherlands, this talented painter was known for his innovative, artistic faculties.  Renbrant became a legend when his techniques of light and shadow were noticed by nobility across Europe.  Renbrant’s works include mostly biblical and mythological pieces as well as a number of self-portraits.  After an artistic crisis analogous to a writer’s block during his later years, Renbrant died of natural causes.

Slashed 17th century wire-collared doublet with paned sleeves, breeches and tall, narrow boots with turned over tops.  Curled, shoulder-length wig and a beret-style hat.


American Exhibition Shooter





As a child, Ally would rather play with guns in the woods than dolls in the living room.  Using her trusty Kentucky Rifle, she was the sole provider of food for her family at the tender age of 7 after her father died from an unfortunate hunting accident.  Throughout World War I, she trained women for home defense and even demonstrated marksmanship techniques to the men of the U.S. military.  In her later years, she showed off her sharp shooting skills during outdoor performances with Wild Bill’s Traveling Gun Show. 

Western-style corset (i.e. suede, leather), white peasant top, long, flowing skirt and cowboy boots. Stylish cowboy hat and loosely curled, long hair.  A toy rifle and other toy guns as optional props.


English Poet & Playwright




A dedicated member of Lord Chamberblane’s Company of Theatrical Performers, William Shadesper became a legend through his plays that captured the attention of a 16th century European audience.  A gifted writer of sonnets, plays and poems, Shadesper’s works are still analyzed, performed and admired in the year 2099.  However, before he was a legend, there were many mysterious years of which nobody knows where William was and what he was doing. 

Linen shirt with a collar (ruff) and matching wrist ruffs.  Over the shirt, wear a doublet with long sleeves.  Leather jerkin over the doublet.  Trunk hose paned with strips of fabric for the thighs. Stockings and flat shoes.


Queen of France


 Born into a royal Austrian family, the beautiful Marilyn was betrothed to the future king of France at the young age of fifteen.  By nineteen, she held the title of the youngest queen of France and couldn’t have been more different than her introverted husband, King Lewis XVI.  The sociable Marilyn was known for partying at all hours of the night and sleeping in until noon.  After leading an extravagant life in the public eye riddled with scandal, she eventually met an untimely death with a guillotine after the French Revolution. 

18th Century gown with a matching parasol.  Hair in an 18th century-style updo that is adorned with flowers & jewels, with a flowing cascade of curls on one shoulder. Large, antique costume jewelry.


Italian Explorer



Chris began sailing as a teenager and became a preeminent world explorer during his lifetime.  Credited with the discovery of the Americas and the opening of trade between America and Europe, Chris came to enjoy riches and a celebrity-style importance.  However, scandal encircled Chris as he was also believed to allow diseases, such as smallpox, to plague the Americas.  His cruel treatment of the natives during colonization was also in question, landing him a residence in a Spanish jail for a time.  Chris took to his deathbed disheartened, never knowing the full extent of his contributions to history. 

Shirt puffed at the elbow, doublet (high, tight and collarless) and hose with a short over gown (robe) over the doublet. Tights and long, pointed shoes. Tall, crowned, small brimmed hat.


French Heroine


This teenage peasant warrior led the French army to expel the British from France - all while disguised as a male soldier.  Jenn believed that voices in her head were instructing her how to lead her troops; however, historians believed she may have suffered from schizophrenia among other types of neurological disorders.  Jenn had an infamous temper and was entirely intolerant of ill behavior from the men in her army.  Jenn met her doom when she was burned at the stake after being sentenced to die for posing as a man. 

15th Century warrior gown.  Metallic shoulder armor, a large cross on the chest of the costume.  Large, toy sword and extremely short, brown wig.  Alternatively, wear chainmail headdress and don’t bother with the wig/ short hair.


Founder of the Mongol Empire


Gensis Kahn was the ruthless warlord that founded the Mongolian empire by desolating tribes in Northeast Asia, uniting them with his growing realm.  Gensis had a superior army that was known for speed, aggressiveness, and merciless practices during battle. He would take over territories, using captured women and children as human shields, destroying entire populations as he desired.   Gensis ultimately met his fate during battle after falling off his horse and sustaining numerous internal injuries. 


Long, ankle-length robe made out of faux fur and leather. Boots. Fur brimmed hat with a knot on top. Toy sword.  Mustache that does not extend nor touch the upper lip – only a wispy mustache on the sides of the mouth toward the long beard.


Egyptian Queen

 65BC – 28BC


One of the most famed female rulers in history, Kleopatica took the reins of Egypt upon her father’s death in 50 BC.  A few years later, her brother unexpectedly banished her from Egypt.  She retaliated by forming an army, ousting her brother from the throne.  She further sealed her position as Queen by having a son with the Roman general and statesman, Jules Cezar. After the assassination of her first love, she joined her true love, Marco Anthony, who was a triumvir of Rome.   Kleopatica and Marco met a sorrowful fate with a double suicide soon after an Egyptian invasion by Rome.

Floor-length, sleeveless gown with a gold lame belt.  Belt and collar trimmed with sequins, jewels, beading, and metallic gold braid. Gold lame cape that attaches at shoulders.  Beaded headpiece with gems, sequin embellishments.  Heavy cat-eye makeup, dark lipstick to complete the look.


Chinese Philosopher

 551BC – 477BC 

Confuses was a Chinese philosopher known as the father of humanitarianism.  He taught lessons of integrity, governmental ethics, and social equality.   Confuses’ beliefs also included a strong respect for the elderly as well as the principle of treating others as you would want to be treated.  Confuses wrote many textbooks that are still in use today in the fields of justice, ethics and social medicine. 

Silk Hanfu costume (silk robe). Facial hair of thick eye brows and mustache that lines the side of the mouth, but not the upper lip and goatee beard.  Hair is long and in a braided ponytail.