Archibald Grim was a coldhearted miser who despised everyone in the town of Graymire. A greedy recluse, Mr. Grim only left his castle for his lucrative job as the president of First National Bank. Archibald spent his life hoarding his wealth and spewing hatred, sorrow, and despair across the city. It was no surprise when Archibald Grim's body was found by his housekeeper this morning. It appears that someone has slipped the chap a bit of poison. The burning question is - who is guilty? Is the killer an employee of the bank? A former colleague? His butler? Or might it be a family member who wants an inheritance?

The Graymire police have listed you as a suspect in the murder of Archibald Grim. You must journey to the Grim Castle at the exact time on the notice that was sent to your home. It would be dangerous not to attend, as the police might consider your absence a confession. This is where your story begins.



Vigilante Superhero

Baldwin Nile is a wannabe superhero in the city of Graymire. While continually smacking on huge wads of gum, Baldwin perches at the tops of buildings with binoculars in hand. This hero only watches over the city at night due to a belief that the moon grants special powers. Don’t get into a lengthy chat with this brave soul, as Baldwin is a terrible listener and interrupts nonstop.

Suggested attire: superhero costume with any type of superhero weapons as optional props. 



Dune Jagger is an emergency room nurse at Graymire Hospital. Known to be brutally honest, don’t tell this medical professional your secrets, because Dune will open your closet and let all your    skeletons loose. Known for excessively loud sneezes and a booming voice, Dune often gives people a scare if they are unaware Dune’s behind them.

Suggested attire: nurse costume - either a dress or scrubs. Play syringe as an optional prop. 



Judge Becker is a feisty county court judge in the city of Graymire. Notorious for misusing big words and mispronouncing names, this judge loves playing practical jokes on unsuspecting victims. Always answering a question with a question, Bardot can be unnerving to speak to during           conversations.

Suggested attire: judge costume. Optional to wear a colonial powdered wig. Gavel as an optional prop. Black robe/cape with white shirt would work, as well.  Or, for females - dress with white collar.


Bank Teller

Kit Monroe is a bank teller at First National Bank. Kit will turn anything that has eyeballs around   because the eyes are watching – such as paintings, figurines, stuffed animals, or even people if they are too still.  Kit must touch others when speaking and is easily impressed by the most      mundane things.

Suggested attire: business casual - a suit of any color. 



Larkin Darwin always dresses in black and prefers the Grim Castle staff to do the same. Larkin has a severe aversion to the color blue, so a dreary uniform is the best way to avoid the color. Larkin has an extensive button collection and is always gazing at people’s clothing. This butler is          continuously changing the thermostat, as Larkin is either too hot or too cold.    

Suggested attire: black suit of any kind or tuxedo. 


Co-Owner/Manager, Steampunk Café

Perrin Bress loves everyone and will give an uncomfortably long hug to everyone including     strangers, friends, and foes. Perrin is the co-founder of the hottest spot in town - a steampunk-themed restaurant that serves delicious food, has a unique ambiance, and fabulous             entertainers. Perrin has many fears that restrict what Perrin can do such as a fear of heights,       animals,      certain foods, the opposite gender, and insects. Perrin also co-owns a few other       popular businesses in Graymire.

Suggested attire: steampunk-style costume. Top hat, monocle as optional props. 


Cheerleading Mascot

Ripley Rox is a spunky cheerleading mascot for the National Football Association. With energy bursting at the seams, Ripley incessantly fidgets. With a love of the smell of paper, you’ll often find this mascot sniffing notebooks, fliers, or letters in the mail. Ripley maintains a blog with many        followers and has eyes affixed to a mobile device.  Claustrophobia keeps this mascot in wide-open spaces.

Suggested attire: any cheerleading uniform. Optional props are pom poms, megaphone.


Creature Designer

A know-it-all who makes alliances instead of friendships, this creature designer is extremely         sarcastic. It is difficult to know when Miller is serious, but with the peculiar personality aside – this designer is a seriously talented artist who is a freelancer for major motion picture houses.  You’ve seen many of Miller’s creations on the Hollywood big screen.

Suggested attire: any 'creature' costume (you're wearing one of your creations) - such as swamp thing, zombie, ghost, clown, etc. Wanna be a cute creature - fine! It works! 


Military Aviator

Tay Hepburn prefers to sing words instead of speaking them properly and this can make for bizarre discussions. Tay also strongly dislikes the sound of chewing and will hum while others eat. Tay is a military fighter pilot who has many awards and decorations for achievements made during a decade of service.

Suggested attire: any military or aviator costume. Aviator goggles as an optional prop. 



Zen Lincoln is the head zookeeper at the Graymire Zoo. Zen is a slow walker – probably due to conditioning from inspecting the zoo each day. Zen cannot wait to tell others about Zen’s extended family of zoo animals. Zen also believes that characters from TV are actual friends. Zen is serious about watching television.

Suggested attire: any type of park ranger, adventurer or zookeeper costume. Binoculars and a safari hat as optional props. 



Mary Poppins has nothing on this highly-organized babysitter. Dallas will finish your sentences and not allow you to waste a bite of food. With a bouncy walk and a terrible sense of direction, this prim and proper caregiver has a chaotic time finding new places.

Suggested attire: nanny costume. Optional to have hat and umbrella. 


Amusement Park Princess

A constant selfie taker, Elisha always thinks she is in danger and must record the scene around her. Her close friends say that she has watched too many action movies, but Elisha believes everyone is nuts for not staying vigilant.  Elisha is an amusement park princess for Graymire Land of Wonders.

Suggested attire: any princess costume. Optional to have a tiara and sceptor.



London Lunny is continuously dusting and wiping down the surfaces of the Grim Castle. The other staff members of the property find it strange that London talks to houseplants because of a fear they might be resentful. A vegan who is allergic to most foods, London often complains that the chef of Grim Castle refuses to purchase food and beverage that London can safely consume. 

Suggested attire: maid/housekeeper costume. 


Ballroom Dance Instructor

Marley Lange is a hardworking ballroom dance instructor. With the only ballroom dance studio in Graymire, the classes are booked, and newcomers must sign up on a six-month waiting list. Marley keeps a large personal space bubble while around others and has a firm belief there is advanced life on other planets. Maybe this behavior is because Marley sleeps less than three hours per day.

Costume suggestions: any type of ballroom dance attire. 


Co-Owner/Manager, Medieval Times Fair

If you are up for debate, try opening a dialogue with Orion Starr. If this business owner starts to gain favor with the deliberation, Orion nibbles at his/her fingertips!  However, avoid using slang words, as Orion gets angry if you don’t speak proper English. Orion co-owns a famous medieval fairground outside of the city limits of Graymire and is business partners with Perrin Bress.

Costume suggestions: any medival attire. 


Mystery Shopper

This mystery shopper from Graymire is constantly quoting movies and laughing at anything – even when things are not funny. Scout avoids conflict at all costs and usually flakes if you make plans. It will be a miracle if this anonymous shopper walks through the Grim Castle doors. Scout hasn’t made many friends in the city, as the job of mystery shopper translates to being an adult tattletale.

Suggested attire: trendy casual.  You have a ton of flexibility. Dress as if you are going out shopping and trying to blend in with the crowd. However, you're a savvy shopper, so you are stylish.