EDUCATION: B.S. in Biology at University of Sydney. M.S. in Biology at University of Melbourne. PhD in Zombie Science at Queensland University of Science and Technology. 


EXPERIENCE: Dr. Egore Venkman spent most of the early days of his career studying paranormal science. A modern-day Ghostbuster, Dr. Venkman moved to America and founded his business in Chicago, Illinois – Got Ghosts?  After going bankrupt, he moved back to Sydney and landed a position in a Gen-Z lab at Queensland University of Science and Technology. This is where he gained an interest in zombie research. Dr. Venkman has a few awards and honors in research and has published twenty one journal articles in the medical and zombie fields of research.


BRIEF BIO: Dr. Venkman was born in Sydney, Australia as the youngest of thirteen children. In order to stand out in the crowd, Dr. Venkman developed a boisterous personality and a loud, booming voice.  For this reason, the Human Resource Department at The Zombie Institute has declined all of Dr. Venkman’s requests to bring in assistants and interns to his lab. They do not believe anyone should work that closely with his ‘energetic personality.’