Dr. Thorn Steiner


EDUCATION: B.S. in Biology at Texas State University. M.S. in Biology at Texas State University. PhD in Biology at Texas A&M.


EXPERIENCE: Dr. Steiner has many years of experience as a biology professor at Texas A&M. He was an avid horror fan and gained an interest in the undead through pop culture. After the near-plague of 2035 of the Gen-Z virus, Dr. Steiner landed a position with the Gen-Z research lab at Johns Hopkins.  When The Zombie Institute was formed, Dr. Steiner applied and negotiated for a research laboratory. Dr. Steiner has published twelve journal articles in the medical and zombie fields of research.


BRIEF BIO: Dr. Steiner was born in Destin, Florida. He was always known for being the Gothic Kid, as he immersed himself in the horror genre. Dr. Steiner is a hard worker in the lab, and was a top-rated professor at A&M.  

Dr. Thorn Steiner's Assistant

Zachariah Hyde

EDUCATION: B.S. Astrophysics, University of Cambridge. B.S. Biochemistry, Columbia University. B.S. in Human Biology, University of Pennsylvania. M.S. Microbiology, Washington University.


EXPERIENCE: Zachariah Hyde has worked as a junior scientist for Johns Hopkins University in their Gen-Z research lab for over three years. Zachariah was recruited by Dr. Steiner due to Zachariah’s overwhelming contributions to the zombie science community.


BRIEF BIO: Zachariah Hyde was born in London, England. A quiet child who preferred to be alone, Zachariah claims to have read over 50% of his hometown medical library. Zachariah has applied to Harvard Medical School and hopes to gain admission by next fall.