A stepchild of Roland Kingsley, Ryan Ashlore’s mother was Roland’s third wife. Ryan and Wynne are half-siblings. After Roland became a suspect in Ryan’s mother’s death, Ryan disavowed Roland, and hasn’t spoken to him since. Ryan currently works as a bike courier in Godley Hollow, delivering various items ranging from medical samples to legal documents. 

EARLY LIFE:  Ryan moved into the Kingsley Mansion at the age of seven. Wynne Kingsley was born a year later, and all of the attention became focused on Wynne, which made Ryan develop a deep-seeded jealously toward Wynne. 

Scandals erupted when Ryan's mother supposedly fell down the staircase of the Kingsley Mansion, and Roland was the prime suspect in the case.  However, it was eventually ruled an accident, and no charges were official filed against Roland.  Ryan believes Roland pushed her, so Ryan hasn't spoken to Roland ever since Ryan left the mansion to live with grandparents in Pasadena. 

Ryan elected to skip college, and pursued a career in the retail industry, eventually landing a job as an assistant manager of Warm Topics, an alternative Goth retail clothing store. 

CAREER: Ryan moved back to Godley Grove a year ago and became a bike courier. Ryan founded Ashlore Deliveries, and makes any kind of delivery that is needed - all the customers need to do is schedule it on Ryan's app.  Ryan travels via bicycle, as Ryan believes it is the fastest form of transportation, as it is impervious to traffic, and isn't restricted to streets. 


  • None known. 

PERSONAL LIFE: Ryan is currently dating someone, but no future plans of getting married are on the horizon. Ryan does not have children.