Dr. Bellatrix Pyro


EDUCATION: BS in Biology, Harvard University. Premedical Program – Harvard Extension School. MD-PhD Harvard Medical School.

EXPERIENCE: Agency Gen-Z, United States Federal Government. Five years in a top secret laboratory studying the Gen-Z virus and tracking epidemiology.  Dr. Pyro has over thirty awards and honors in research and has published over fifty journal articles in the medical and zombie fields of research.

 BRIEF BIO: Dr. Bellatrix Pyro grew  up in Dallas, Texas to a wealthy oil family. She was always interested in science and zombie movies, so after college, she took a position with a secret government agency, tracking the Gen-Z virus. After the near-plague of  2035, her family invested in the creation of The Zombie Institute with five other investors around the world. 

Dr. Bellatrix Pyro's Interns


EDUCATION: 15 hours completed towards a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry at Harvard, University.                                                                               

EXPERIENCE:  120 hours of internship at The Zombie Institute.

 BRIEF BIO: Rue is from Washington, D.C.  Rue has plans of running her own research lab at The Zombie Institute after earning an MD-PhD like her mentor, Dr. Pyro. Rue’s grandfather was one of the founders of The Zombie Institute because of Rue’s interest in the field.



EDUCATION: High School Senior at Plano West High School.

EXPERIENCE:  64 hours of  internship at The Zombie Institute.

BRIEF BIO:  Narcissa is from Plano, Texas. Narcissa aspires to be a medical doctor and open a pediatric clinic in her home town. Narcissa plans to earn an MD from Harvard University. Narcissa has an intense fear of germs and of the undead. She took a position as an intern at the Institute to get over her fears.