It's time to celebrate some celebrity birthdays at the House of Groove Discotheque! Groovy Cats and Foxy Mamas from miles around are going to flock to the disco for a chance to be with the 'in crowd.’ The dance floor will be open to all who feel funky enough to let it all hang out!  You've got your invitation so this is where your story begins...


1970's Slang on Party Host 411






Bisty Crinkley
Stunning‘70s Super Model and Over-Achieving Academic
The playful and gorgeous Bisty Crinkley is a famed '70s icon! Best known for television and modeling adventures, people are shocked to find out that she's an over-achieving academic with three Ph.D.'s she's secretly earned over the years! College classes, of course, have been second to being the face of the Cosmetic Company ‘Plaster Girl.’
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: ‘70s style evening gown with ‘70s feathered hair style.

Fanni-Sid Pyngstad
Egotistical Member of the ‘70s Rock Band ‘’BABBA”
Fanni-Sid Pyngstad, a member of the hit '70s band ‘BABBA’, is one of the most difficult pop stars to work with because she is so demanding and egotistical. She is known to be a major one-upper as she can't stand for anyone to succeed around her. So don't tell Fanni-Sid Pyngstad you ran a mile unless you want to hear a made believe story of how she just got back from winning a cross country marathon!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: ‘70s pop star costume and straight, parted in the middle ‘70s hair.

Barry Vahl
Lazy Millionaire Inventor of the Pet Rock.
Barry Vahl is the recently-divorced inventor of the pet rock. With his pet rock invention, this entrepreneur made his first million within six months of his first sale. Who knew? He is also an avid hunter and humanitarian, but sometimes, he can be as lazy as his pet rocks!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Long, shaggy ‘70s hair, a white tee-shirt and bellbottom jeans. ‘70s platform shoes. Pet rocks as props.

Harry Nadshaw
‘NFL Quarterback and Professional Rose Gardener
Harry Nadshaw is an NFL quarterback and Super Bowl Champion. In his spare time, he is a professional rose gardener. This naturalist is keen on showing his sensitive side to those close to him, but on the football field, he's a beast!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any football uniform with ‘70s hair.

Dalan Doogart
Computer Genius and Medieval Swordsman
Dalan Doogart is one of the most intelligent and eccentric people you will ever meet. He works for IDM Computers as a consultant on microprocessors. He swears that computers will be a staple in a large portion of American households by the year 2000 just like the television. Those around him laugh about that since computers would take up too much space! Watch out because Dalan is also known for his random impersonations of animals...and these could catch you off guard!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Nerdy outfit (black rimmed glasses with tape, button up shirt and bow tie, high-water pants pulled higher than the waist. A cape and a toy sword as a prop.  

Vampira Von Bitemark
‘70s Vampire and Animal Rights Activist
An icon to the Gothic community, the anti-social Vampira Von Bitemark is one of the leading animal rights activists in the nation. She also happens to be a vampire...or at least she believes she is a vampire. Beware to meat eaters everywhere…she desires a complete eradication of those who consume animal products.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Vampira costume, long and straight black hair parted in the middle.

Lola Gaynor
Gracious ‘70s Vegas Showgirl
Lola Gaynor is one of the friendliest people you will ever meet! The beautiful and talented Las Vegas Showgirl stars in the show, Dopacabana, at the Popicana Resort and Casino on the Vegas strip. The amicable Lola is known to be overly accommodating...almost to a fault. Lola suffers from a rare condition named mute random times, she is unable to speak but the doctors can't figure out why?
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: ‘70s Vegas showgirl costume or any type of dance costume with a headpiece. Hair styled in a 70’s feather.

Double ‘7’
Double Secret Agent & Prankster
Originally hailing from Britain, Double ‘7’ is a womanizing American secret government agent involved in covert international operations. As serious as his job may be, he is the ultimate trickster. He is a non-stop 'sneak' and you better watch your back... literally!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: ‘70s style suit with fedora hat. Fake gun as a prop. Bring a pad of post-it notes with you to the party as a prop - you can download post-it notes here if you don't have a notepad of them. However, if you download them, you'll need double-sided tape, as well. 

Jumpy Jalboa
Aggressive ‘70s Club Fighter
Jumpy Jalboa is a blatantly hostile young man. From the streets of Brooklyn, he made his way into the boxing ring as a contender for the World Heavyweight Championship. He has been vigorously training for his next major fight against Stollo Peed! Let's hope that his intense fear of germs doesn't get in the way with the big fight!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Boxing uniform with a ‘70s afro. Boxing gloves as a prop.

Captain Jimmy Nixon
Boisterous Commercial Pilot
Jimmy Nixon is the animated Captain of Daniff Airlines. If you’re on one of his flights, you might be subject to one of his world-famous inappropriate jokes over the intercom! Known for being an avid environmentalist, nothing that harms the earth will ever get by him! That is…except the pollution coming out of the plane he flies every day!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any type of pilot or aviator costume.

Tony Tuscadero
Oblivious ‘70s Disco Dancing Champion
Tony Tuscadero hails from the streets of Brooklyn where he was an 'A' student in the school of hard knocks. His dream was to become a disco dancer and he spent all of his free time practicing in a local discotheque. He is now the reigning national disco dancing champion with his partner, Sharlet O’Shoolahan. One more thing about Tony… when he’s dancing, he enters his own world and is completely oblivious to his surroundings!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: ‘70s disco leisure suit and ‘70s afro.

Futura Teller
‘Eclectic Fortune Teller’
The overly energetic Futura Teller is hard to keep pace with! Some customers find it hard to believe her/his dead-on predictions about the future and try to stay clear of his/her ‘doom and gloom’ personal fortunes. A strange quirk of this character is an aversion to the word 'it'. Futura will avoid saying 'it' at all cost! All you have to do is ask Futura and she/he’ll give a fortune you’ll die for!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Any type of fortune teller or gypsy costume. Crystal ball as a prop.

Sharlet O’Shoolahan
Inquisitive ‘70s Disco Dancing Champion
Sharlet O’Shoolahan, a classically trained ballerina and annual star of the neighborhood ‘Nutcracker’, grew up in high society upper Manhattan. A few years ago, she snuck away to a discotheque in Brooklyn where she met Tony Tuscadero. She became his legendary disco dancing partner and they are now the reigning national disco dancing champions. Also known as 'the girl of a 1,000 questions' as she is the most inquisitive person you'll ever meet.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: ‘70s disco outfit. ‘70s afro.

Zarbi Zenton
‘70s Television Star of the Show ‘Neigh Neigh’
Zarbi Zenton's thick country accent is the heart of her charm as the star on the rural comedy variety TV show in a barnyard setting - 'Neigh Neigh.’ She lights up the stage with one of her many characters 'Dolly May' – the air-headed farm girl from Nashville, Tennessee. On the flip side, Zarbi hides her analytical side from her fans and has been known to be vindictive to those who cross her.
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Overalls and ‘70s feathered hair.

Polly Darton
Country Music Singer / Songwriter
Polly Darton is an ultra-famous ‘70s Country Music Singer and Songwriter. Known for being on the cutting edge of fashion and her more than voluptuous figure, this trendy diva has an eye for couture! Everyone knows that if Polly’s wearing it…it is the ‘it’ item to buy. Polly Darton is also one ‘70s diva that knows how to cut a disco rug!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: Large blonde wig, well endowed bosom and an extremely trendy ‘70s outfit.

The King of Rock & Roll
This Icon of Rock & Roll and junk food addict is the most famous musician in the world! He is also one of the biggest fans of Bisty Crinkley and wouldn’t miss her birthday celebration for anything!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: An ‘Elvis’ costume and yellow tinted sunglasses. Or normal ‘70s attire with yellow sunglasses and ‘Elvis sideburns.’

Al Machino
Hollywood Film and Stage Actor
Al Machino is the ultimate rich and famous Hollywood personality. Known for his intense and ‘tightly clenched’ acting style, he’s also quite callous to those who double cross him in real life as some of his Hollywood gangster roles might have crossed over a tad into reality. This film star has some serious connections so stay on his good side if you know what is good for you!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A black or white suit (‘70s style) and sunglasses.

Flaxen Hawn
Comedienne and Hollywood Film Actress
Flaxen Hawn is the typical blonde Hollywood bombshell. She has a contagious smile and an intense passion for jewels and secret agents. This obsession can sometimes lead Flaxen into trouble as she’ll do anything for a sparkling gem or a man with a gun!
COSTUME SUGGESTIONS: A glamorous ‘70s evening gown. Large and excessive pieces of costume jewelry as optional props.

Start diggin' on some '70s tunes to get ready for the party: